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الإنجليزية - التركية

Önümüzdeki 4 ila 6 hafta, büyük Ebola salgınını kontrol etmekte çok önemlidir. - The next four to six weeks are crucial in controlling the massive Ebola outbreak.

Salgından gereksiz yere endişelenmeye gerek yok. - There is no need to be unnecessarily anxious about the outbreak.

{i} başlama

Bir dizi olay savaşın başlamasına yol açtı. - A chain of events led to the outbreak of the war.

{i} (istenmeyen bir olay) (birdenbire) ortaya çıkma, patlak verme
patlak verme
{i} isyan
{i} yeryüzüne çıkmış kaya katmanı
outbreak alert
(Tıp) salgın uyarısı
outbreak of war
savaşın çıkması
outbreak of war
savaşın başlaması
outbreak of war
savaş başlaması

Salmonella salgınları ıspanak ithalatçılarının temiz fabrika çalıştırma itibarını lekeledi. - Salmonella outbreaks blemished spinach importers' reputation for running clean factories.

Bu kampanya yeni Zika virüs salgınlarını önleyemez. - This campaign cannot forestall new Zika virus outbreaks.

salmonella outbreak
salmoellanın patlak vermesi
widespread outbreak of a disease
bir hastalığın yaygın salgın
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
An outburst or sudden eruption, especially of violence and mischief

There has been an outbreak of broken windows in the street.

To burst out
A geological layer that breaks out
An eruption, sudden appearance

Any epidemic outbreak causes understandable panic.

To break forth
An uproar, riot

Poorly trained officers can't control a prison outburst without excessive repression.

A sudden increase

There has been an outbreak of vandalism at the school.

a sudden and violent breaking forth, as of something that has been pent up or restrained
{n} a breaking out, breach, eruption
A bursting forth; eruption; insurrection
  See epidemic
The occurrence of a large number of cases of a disease in a short period of time
An outburst or sudden eruption, especially violent
{i} eruption, explosion (usually of an unpleasant thing)
a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition); "the outbreak of hostilities
When the population of the gypsy moth caterpillars ranges between 620,000 and 6,200,000 per acre when at 4th instar larvae and is causing widespread, severe defoliation
An epidemic limited to localized increase in the incidence of a disease, e g , in a village, town, or closed institution
If there is an outbreak of something unpleasant, such as violence or a disease, it suddenly starts to happen. the outbreak of war in the Middle East In Peru, a cholera outbreak continues to spread. if there is an outbreak of fighting or disease in an area, it suddenly starts to happen
Synonymous with epidemic Sometimes the preferred word, as it may escape sensationalism associated with the word epidemic Alternatively, a localized as opposed to generalized epidemic
n Sudden or violent increase in activity or incidence of a disease In terms of genital herpes, an outbreak means that the herpes simplex virus is active When active, the virus usually causes visible sores in the genital area, which can cast off or shed viruses that can infect another person However, sometimes a person can have an outbreak and have no visible sores
Sudden appearance of a disease in a specific geographic area (e g neighborhood or community) or population (e g adolescents)
A sudden increase in the number of individuals who contract a specific infectious disease in a population, putting others at risk
With shingles, an outbreak occurs when a rash and blisters appear on the skin
a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition); "the outbreak of hostilities"
An outbreak
plural of outbreak