out of this

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الإنجليزية - التركية
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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
out of it
Disoriented; not thinking clearly

Having the flu all week left me pretty well out of it.

out of it
out of it
Not participating in some trend or group

When my old friends turned up, my wife felt quite out of it.

out of it
{s} (Slang) not keeping up with times ("My mom is so old, she is out of it"); disoriented
out of it
not a concern, not part of the issue, not of importance
out of this

    التركية النطق

    aut ıv dhîs


    /ˈout əv ᴛʜəs/ /ˈaʊt əv ðɪs/


    ... Something has to bring order out of this chaos. ...
    ... new opportunities out of this. ...

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