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الإنجليزية - التركية
over-the-counter: reçeteye tabi olmayan ilaç
(Askeri) taktik komutanlık subayı; sayacın üstünde (officer in tactical command; over the counter)
on the cheek
off the charts
çizelgeleri kapalı
Bir ilacın reçetesiz satıldığını ifade eden deyim. Over-the-counter medication: Reçetesiz satılan ilaç
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
on the cheek
ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency
off the charts
Officers Training Corps, a part of the British Army (see Wikipedia article)
Overseas Telecommunications Commission, a defunct department of the Australian government (see Wikipedia article)
OTC is an abbreviation for over-the-counter. the first OTC heartburn drug. head of OTC trading at PaineWebber Inc. the abbreviation of over-the-counter
not traded or listed with an organized stock exchange (Finance); trading through telephone or computer and not on the floor of a stock exchange (Finance); available without a prescription (Medicine)
Oriental Timber Company
Over-the-counter market – a market which is normally not licensed or an informal market for the trading of securities There is therefore no formal settlement through a clearinghouse nor is risk formally managed
(of securities) not quoted on a stock exchange; "over-the-counter stocks"
Stocks which do not trade on a recognized stock exchange, trade in one of several so-called over-the-counter markets It is a somewhat less formal, more risky way to trade stocks There are no "listing" rules OTC markets can be highly manipulated But, they do serve a purpose - i e allowing investors to trade and get liquidity In the USA, the common OTC market is called the OTC-BB (BB=bulletin board, see http: //www otcbb com), and in Canada it is called the CDN Note the OTC-BB market has nothing to do with the NASDAQ market, although many people incorrectly make that association The OTC markets are usually on-line electronic markets which investment dealers (brokers) can access for purposes of posting buy or sell orders
The market for securities or derivatives created outside organised exchanges by dealers trading directly with one another, or their counterparties, by telephone or screen
Association of brokers and dealers connected by computer and telephone networks who buy and sell securities that are not listed on one of the traditional exchanges Unlike the auction market, the OTC market does not have one physical location, and trades are negotiated
Over the Counter
The over-the-counter market is a negotiation between dealers throughout the United States for the purchase and sale of stocks Unlike the NYSE, a "buy" is not always matched to a "sell " A dealer may buy some stock and hold it in inventory Thus, the dealer, instead of a third-party buyer, establishes the price In the OTC, prices of stock may vary widely from one dealer's offer to another Price differences often depend on how the dealer plans to profit on the stock
Over-the-Counter Market A networked group of stock dealers that trade stock and bond securities that are not listed on an actual exchange They are networked together to trade through NASDAQ
Over-the-counter drug available without a prescription
An over-the-counter (OTC) drug is a drug or product that is sold directly to the general public and does not need a prescription An example of an OTC drug is aspirin
Over the Counter indicates pharmaceutical products or drugs that do not require a prescription
A market for securities that are not listed on an exchange Security orders are transacted via telephone and a computer network that connects dealers As opposed to the NYSE, which is an auction market, the OTC is a negotiated market OTC dealers may either act as either principals or agents for customers The OTC market is regulated by the NASD
Ozone Transport Commission One of the five RPOs, affiliated with the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management Association (NESCAUM) and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA) Includes the states and tribal areas encompassed by Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and suburbs of Washington, D C
Over-the-Counter A market for securities made up of dealers who may or may not be members of a formal securities exchange The over-the-counter market is conducted over the telephone and is a negotiated market rather than an auction market such as the NYSE
OTC stock not listed on any exchange OTC trading is trading done other than on the exchanges
Over-the-Counter; Type of pharmaceutical product which can be sold without a prescription
Abr One-stop inclusive tour charter
A name for a security that is not listed on an exchange The OTC is the major trading market for all US bonds, as well as many small- and large-capitalization stocks Whereas non-OTC stocks trade on the floor of actual stock exchanges, OTC issues are traded via telephone and computer networks connecting dealers in stocks and bonds The dealer may or may not be a member of a securities exchange, but he or she must be a member of the NASD
See: Over-the-counter
Over-the-counter medications
over the counter, a term to describe a drug that is available without a prescription