open doors

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keep open doors
açık kapılar tutmak
open door
serbest ticaret
open door
açık kapı
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To lead to opportunities or (social) advantages

The training that opens doors for you that men from electrical trade schools can never pass.

at church every time the doors are open
religious to the point of excess; ridiculously religious

I was at church every time the doors were open. I started learning more about the Bible and even got baptized in the back of the church in a toddler pool.

open door
freedom of access; "he maintained an open door for all employees"
open door
In this sense, often used adjectively, as, open-door system, open-door policy, etc
open door
the policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries
open door
door that is not closed; place that allows everybody to enter
open door
freedom of access; "he maintained an open door for all employees
open door
In modern diplomacy, opportunity for political and commercial intercourse open to all upon equal terms, esp
open door
Open or free admission to all; hospitable welcome; free opportunity
open door
with reference to a nation whose policy is wholly or partially fixed by nations foreign to itself, or to territory newly acquired by a conquering nation
open doors


    o·pen doors

    التركية النطق

    ōpın dôrz


    /ˈōpən ˈdôrz/ /ˈoʊpən ˈdɔːrz/

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