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Neden erkekler için tamam, ama kızlar için değil? - Why is it okay for boys, but not for girls?

Görünmek için tamam ama bakmak için kaba. - It's okay to look, but it's rude to stare.

{i} okey
{i} onay
olur vermek

Pekâla, şimdi gidiyorum. - Okay, I'm leaving now.

he demek
fena değil

Ben bir vejetaryenim, eğer uygunsa et yemeği tercih etmem. - I'm a vegetarian, so I'd rather not have meat, if that's okay.

Bu su, içmek için uygun mu? - Is this water okay to drink?


Ben hayatta olduğum için iyiyim. - I'm okay because I'm alive.

Üzgün olduğunuzda ağlamak sorun değil. - It's okay to cry when you're sad.

idare eder

Ne çayı içersiniz? Limon çayı olur mu? - What tea do you drink? Is lemon tea okay?


Tom sınavda iyi yaptı. - Tom did okay on the test.

İyi misin? Gerçekten üzgün görünüyorsun. - Are you okay? You look really sad.

{i} tasdik
{i} akey
z., s., i., f., bak. OK
{f} tasdiklemek
tamam mi
okay, i'm back
(Bilgisayar) işte döndüm
Be okay with something
(deyim) Birşeyi uygun bulmak
are you okay there
orada iyi mısın?
yeşil ışık yaktı
التركية - التركية

تعريف okay في التركية التركية القاموس.

okay temiz
Vurmalı çalgılar ustası olan müzikçimiz
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
alright; well
give sanction to; "I approve of his educational policies"
{ü} Fine! Alright!
an endorsement; "they gave us the O K to go ahead"
{i} authorization, approval; agreement
{f} confirm, approve
You can use okay to indicate that you want to start talking about something else or doing something else. OK. Now, let's talk some business Tim jumped to his feet. `Okay, let's go.' = right
If you say that someone is okay, you mean that they are safe and well. Check that the baby's okay `Don't worry about me,' I said. `I'll be okay.' = all right
being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition; "an all-right movie"; "the passengers were shaken up but are all right"; "is everything all right?"; "everything's fine"; "things are okay"; "dinner and the movies had been fine"; "another minute I'd have been fine"
in a satisfactory or adequate manner; "she'll do okay on her own"; "held up all right under pressure"; (`alright' is a nonstandard variant of `all right')
You can use okay to stop someone arguing with you by showing that you accept the point they are making, though you do not necessarily regard it as very important. Okay, there is a slight difference Okay, so I'm forty-two
If someone in authority okays something, they officially agree to it or allow it to happen. His doctor wouldn't OK the trip Okay is also a noun. He gave the okay to issue a new press release
You can say `Okay?' to check whether the person you are talking to understands what you have said and accepts it. We'll get together next week, OK? = all right
formulae You can say `Okay' to show that you agree to something. `Just tell him Sir Kenneth would like to talk to him.' --- `OK.' `Shall I give you a ring on Friday?' --- `Yeah okay.' = all right
If you say that something is okay, you find it satisfactory or acceptable. a shooting range where it's OK to use weapons Is it okay if I come by myself? I guess for a fashionable restaurant like this the prices are OK. = all right Okay is also an adverb. We seemed to manage okay for the first year or so after David was born. = all right
Entirely okay; thoroughly acceptable
plural of okay
التركية - الإنجليزية

تعريف okay في التركية الإنجليزية القاموس.

okay temiz
I'ma clean