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الإنجليزية - التركية
(İnşaat) s-biçimi
(İnşaat) s biçimi
S şeklinde korniş veya köşebent
{i} s biçiminde çizgi
{i} s biçiminde köşebent
ogee arch
deveboynu kemer
ogee arch
sivri kemer
ogee arch
sivri tepeli kemer
ogee weir
(Tarım) balıksırtı savak
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A pointed arch made from two ogees
A double curve in the shape of an elongated S; an object of that shape
A decorative molding profile with a S shape
This cutting profile term has architectural origins It is a moulding having two curves which impart a wave like profile formed by one convex and one concave curve
a distortion of an image using an S-shaped curve as one baseline, gives image a wavy look
an S-shaped curve, particularly of an arch
under Cyma
A double curve, usually used to describe an arch or a moulding
A term used to describe an S-shaped double curve, particularly those on bracket feet as used on first class mid-18th century furniture
An "S" curved moulding profile A classic profile design generally used for edge forming applications
A molding in the form of a reversed curve; that is, having a profile in the form of the letter S An ogee is often used at the junction of two portions of a gun tube with differing diameters, or it may be used with a ring as a fillet is used with an astragal
descriptive of an edge or foot consisting of two curves, the top convex and the bottom concave, forming an S-curve
Describes an "s"-shaped cross-section in regard to part of a vessel profile
A molding, the section of which is the form of the letter S, with the convex part above; cyma reversa
A curved profile used for mouldings and also in some verandah roofs, based on two opposing curves - concave and convex
1) A molding with a cyma or S-shaped profile 2) A pointed arch which has a reversed curve on each side near the apex
A decorative S-shaped molding
A double elongated letter 's design' associated with the Gothic style of architecture
Edge trim or cut characterized by one 180 degree radius bead extending further out than another below it
A spillway crest or other broad-crested weir having a reverse-curve or "roller-coaster" shape
Hence, any similar figure used for any purpose
ogee arch
a pointed arch having an S-shape on both sides




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    (noun.) 1677. obsolete English ogee ogive; from the use of such moldings in ogives.

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