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الإنجليزية - التركية
kıyıdan denize doğru
(Denizbilim) açıkta
kıyıdan uzak
kıyıdan uzakta

Denizde sondaj masrafları artıyor. - Offshore drilling costs are rising.

{s} dış
{s} yabancı ülkeden
kıyıdan esen
açık deniz

Dong Enerji Britanya kıyılarında dünyanın en büyük açık deniz rüzgâr çiftliğini inşa edecek. - Dong Energy will build the world's largest offshore wind farm off the coast of Britain.

(Ticaret) off-shore
offshore drilling
(Çevre) deniz dibi sondajı
offshore structures
(Askeri) açık deniz yapıları
offshore drilling
deniz dibi delmesi
offshore drilling
deniz sondajı
offshore wind
kıyıdan esen rüzgâr
offshore breeze
karadan kıyıya esen 'meltem' rüzgârı
offshore drilling
deniz sondajı, deniz dibi delmesi
offshore engineering
deniz mühendisliği
offshore market
denizaşırı piyasa
offshore airport
(Askeri) açık deniz havaalanı
offshore banking
kıyı bankacılığı
offshore bar
(Askeri) açık deniz seti
offshore bar
kıyıötesi bar
offshore boat
(Askeri) offshore teknesi
offshore breakwater
(Askeri) açık deniz dalgakıranı
offshore bulk fuel system
(Askeri) deniz aşırı döküm yakıt sistemi
offshore concrete
(Askeri) açık deniz betonu
offshore current
(Askeri) açık deniz akıntısı
offshore distance
(Askeri) açık deniz mesafesi
offshore exploration
kıyı ötesi araştırması
offshore facilities
(Askeri) açık deniz tesisleri
offshore finance subsidiary
(Ticaret) sınır ötesi finans şubesi
offshore fishery
(Denizbilim) açık deniz balıkçılığı
offshore fishery
(Denizbilim) açıkta balıkçılık
offshore investment
off-shore yatırımı
offshore loading
(Askeri) açık deniz yüklemesi
offshore man–made island
(Askeri) açık deniz yapay adası
offshore maritime structure
(Askeri) açık denize yapıları yapı
offshore oil field
denizdeki petrol sahası
offshore oil industry
kıyı petrol endüstrisi
offshore patrol
(Askeri) Dış kıyı devriyesi
offshore patrol
(Askeri) AÇIK DENİZ KARAKOLU: Seyrüsefer yapılabilen kıyı sularının dışında görev yapan deniz savunma devriyesi. Bu devriye donanma gemilerini ve uçakları kapsayan yerel deniz savunma kuvvetlerinin bir parçası olup kıyı içi devriyelere (inshore patrol) tahsis edilen bölgenin dışında görev yapar. Ayrıca bakınız: "inshore patrol"
offshore petroleum discharge system (Navy)
(Askeri) deniz aşırı akaryakıt boşaltma sistemi (Deniz Kuvvetleri)
offshore petroleum discharge system (OPDS) utility boat
(Askeri) deniz aşırı akaryakıt boşaltma sistemi (OPDS) genel hizmet botu
offshore pipeline
kıyı ötesi boru hattı
offshore plants
(Askeri) açık deniz bitkileri
offshore procurement
(Askeri) DENİZAŞIRI TEDARİK: İhtiyaç maddelerinin; alıcı memleketlere teslim edilmek üzere, Milletlerarası İşbirliği İdaresi (International Cooperation Administration) hesabına veya herhangi bir yerde oturan Amerikan Kuvvetleri hesabına, askeri makamlar tarafından, ABD ile dış toprakları ve Kanada haricindeki memleketlerden, Milletlerarası İşbirliği İdaresi yolu ile veya Muvazzaf Ordu fonlarından satın alması
offshore procurement
(Askeri) denizaşırı tedarik
offshore structure
(Çevre) kıyıötesi yapı
offshore structure
kıyı ötesi yapım
offshore terminal
(Askeri) açık deniz terminali
offshore water
(Denizbilim) açık su
offshore waters
offshore waters
(Denizbilim) açık sular
offshore waves
(Askeri) açık deniz dalgaları
offshore wind
(Meteoroloji) kıyıdan esen rüzgar
offshore wind
(Askeri) uzak kıyı rüzgarı
offshore zone
kıyıötesi zon
border and offshore trade
sınır ve kıyı ticareti
earthen, earthy, ground, offshore
toprak, dünyevi, yer, offshore
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Away from the shore
At some distance from the shore
To use foreign labour to substitute for local labour
Moving away from the shore
Located in the sea away from the coast

an offshore oil rig.

Located in another country, especially one having beneficial tax laws
Offshore is an international term meaning not only out of your country (jurisdiction) but out of the tax reach of your country of residence or citizenship; synonymous with foreign, transnational, global, international, transworld and multi-national, though foreign is used more in reference to the IRS Click here for more information about Offshore Mutual Funds
away from shore; away from land; "cruising three miles offshore
Any organization with headquarters outside the U S
located in another country, especially one having benefical tax laws
Term used for any investor, account or security not domiciled in the United States Some securities offerings are targeted only to offshore investors under special registration or exemptions
From the shore; as, an offshore wind; an offshore signal
{s} far from shore; away from the shore
Situated off the shore but within waters under a country's control, as offshore fisheries
Not on land
Offshore means situated or happening in the sea, near to the coast. Britain's offshore oil industry. offshore islands. Offshore is also an adverb. One day a larger ship anchored offshore When they hit the rocks, they were just 500 yards offshore
An offshore wind blows from the land towards the sea
Offshore investments or companies are located in a place, usually an island, which has fewer tax regulations than most other countries. The island offers a wide range of offshore banking facilities
This phrase does not just mean a country overseas, or a small island in the Caribbean or Pacific It means a jurisdiction that grants and guarantees privileges to companies, trusts and bank account holders who in return for those privileges, agree not to conduct active business affairs within that jurisdiction Operating an IBC and a bank account or setting up a trust or LLC do not typically constitute the conduct of active affairs within most jurisdictions So for example, a Nevisian IBC could not be used to run a hardware store in Charlestown, Nevis, but it could be used to set up and operate an income deferral trust for a group of doctors in the U S or a German business setting up a subsidiary in Central America Offshore jurisdictions usually conduct offshore business not in their own currency, but in U S dollars
That geographic area that lies seaward of the coastline In general, the coastline is the line of ordinary low water along with that portion of the coast that is in direct contact with the open sea or the line marking the seaward limit of inland water If a State agency uses a different basis for classifying onshore and offshore areas, the State classification should be used (Cook Inlet in Alaska is classified as offshore )
– Far from shore
away from shore; away from land; "cruising three miles offshore"
The comparatively flat zone of variable width extending from the outer margin of the shore to the edge of the continental shelf
Conditions when the wind is blowing off the land
(1) In beach terminology, the comparatively flat zone of variable width, extending from the SHOREFACE to the edge of the CONTINENTAL SHELF It is continually submerged (2) The direction seaward from the shore (3) The zone beyond the nearshore zone where sediment motion induced by waves alone effectively ceases and where the influence of the sea bed on wave action is small in comparison with the effect of wind (4) The BREAKER ZONE directly seaward of the LOW TIDE line
(of winds) coming from the land; "offshore winds" at some distance from the shore; "offshore oil reserves"; "an offshore island" away from shore; away from land; "cruising three miles offshore
Describes oil exploration and production at sea
Contracting work carried out at sea (e g drilling for oil)
operating outside your own country, but usually referring to a tax haven
at some distance from the shore; "offshore oil reserves"; "an offshore island"
Utilizing an outsourcing service provider located in a country other than where the client is located
is used to describe the technique of sinking wells in water Can be applied from so-called drilling platforms, which are anchored firmly in the sea bed and extend high above the surface of the sea with work platforms and living quarters, or from semi-submersible floating platforms that float in the water
Comparatively flat zone of variable width that extends from the outer margin of the rather steeply sloping shoreface to the edge of the continental shelf
(of winds) coming from the land; "offshore winds"
The zone beyond the nearshore zone where sediment motion induced by waves alone effectively ceases and where the influence of the sea bed on wave action is small in comparison with the effect of wind
Production and operating or technical support facilities located in a foreign country, normally in a different continent
Away from land, toward the water See inland
offshore breeze
{i} land breeze, coastal breeze blowing from land toward the sea or open waters
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offshore bankacılığı
(Ticaret) offshore banking
offshore teknesi
(Askeri) offshore boat



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