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الإنجليزية - التركية
başını eğme
baş sallanması hastalığı
(Tıp) Baş sarkması
başı öne düşme
binary coded nutation
(Bilgisayar) ikili kodlu yazım
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
any of several irregularities in the precession of the equinoxes caused by varying torque applied to the Earth by the Sun and the Moon
a bobbing motion that accompanies the precession of a spinning rigid body
The involuntary nodding of one's head
{n} a nodding, tremulous motion, shake
The act of nodding
1 In general, the variation with time of the Eulerian angle that measures the angle between the rotation axis of a spinning rigid body and a constant vertical direction 2 In astronomy specifically, the irregular oscillation in the precessional motion of the earth's rotation axis, caused primarily by lunar perturbations It has a principal period of 18 6 yr and moves the equinox as much as 17" ahead of, or behind, its mean position
A very small libratory motion of the earth's axis, by which its inclination to the plane of the ecliptic is constantly varying by a small amount
uncontrolled nodding
a displacement of the axis of a spinning body away from the simple coneshaped figure which would be traced by the axis during precession In the rotating frame of reference, the nutation caused by an RF pulse appears as a simple precession, although the motion is more complex in the stationary frame of reference
nodding forward; anterior movement of the sacral base around a transverse axis in relation to the ilia, occurring during sphenobasilar extension of the craniosacral mechanism
Movement of the seedling of Cuscuta in order to reach a suitable host stem This coiling, which is counterclockwise, is also called à circumnutation
Small 18 6-year period of oscillation superimposed on Earth's 25,800-year period of precession
The motion of a spin in a strong -axis field caused by a resonant pulse
{i} movement of the Earth; nodding of the head
any of several irregularities in the presession of the equinoxes caused by varying torque applied to the Earth by the Sun and the Moon
1 The oscillation of the axis of any rotating body, as a gyroscope rotor
The motion of a flower in following the apparent movement of the sun, from the east in the morning to the west in the evening
A small nodding of the Earth's axis of rotation that occurs over a 19 year period
As applied to current missile system radars, this term refers to the mechanical motion of an antenna feed to produce a conical scan (fixed polarization) by the main beam of a tracking antenna, thus providing a means of developing tracking error signals See also Antenna, Nutating By analogy, "Nutation" also is used to denote the electrical switching of the quadrants of a seeker antenna See also Interferometer The effect is similar to that of a conical scan
A nodding motion of the earth's pole superposed on the slow precession




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    [ nü-'tA-sh&n, nyü ] (noun.) 1612. Latin nutation-, nutatio, from nutare to nod, rock; more at NUMEN.

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