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الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} itaatsizlik
emredilen bir şeye uymama
{i} uymama
{i} with (emredilen bir şeye) uymama
{i} karşı gelme
emre itaatsizlik
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
{n} neglect of compliance
A situation in which a requirement is not met
The provider is not meeting the standard of practice for the judged element
A deviation from the requirements of the Standard
The failure or refusal of the patient to cooperate, and carry out that activity with regard for what has been communicated as appropriate and therefore exerts his or her control
the failure to obey
patient fails to comply with correct or indicated therapy such as physician visits, diet, exercise, medication usage, etc Medication noncompliance includes: failure to receive medications, failure to refill medications, taking an incorrect dose, taking medication at the wrong time, neglecting to take medication, stopping medication too soon, etc
Failure to follow the instructions of one's health care providers, such as not taking medicine as prescribed or not showing up for clinic visits
A failure to comply
Neglect of compliance; failure to comply
{i} lack of compliance, disobedience; lack of consent



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    /ˌnänkəmˈplīəns/ /ˌnɑːnkəmˈplaɪəns/

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    [ (')nän also "n& ] (prefix.) Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin non not, from Old Latin noenum, from ne- not + oinom, neuter of oinos one; more at NO, ONE.

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