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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Tekstil) neps, nope Açıklama: Birkaç lifin bir araya gelip kumaş yüzeyine tutunmasıyla oluşan yapıdır
(Teknik,Tekstil) nope
التركية - التركية
SSCB'nin ilk yıllarında uygulanan Yeni Ekonomi Politikasını simgeleyen harfler
Sovyet Sosyalist Cumhuriyetleri Birliği'nin ilk yıllarında uygulanan Yeni Ekonomi Politikasını simgeleyen harfler
Lenin'in yeni ekonomi politikası
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
National Election Pool
New Economic Policy
National Energy Program
Noise-equivalent power
Catmint, catnip; Nepeta cataria

Nep is generally used for women to procure their courses, being taken inwardly or outwardly, either alone or with other convenient herbs in a decoction to bathe them, of sit over the hot fumes thereof.

{n} a plant, catmint
New Economic Policy Settled in March 1921 by Lenin It brought back capitalism and private property in some sections of Russian economy As an example, peasants were allowed to sell surplus grain for profit, rather than giving them to the state It was aimed to make production increase
Abbreviation for net ecosystem production, the rate at which carbon from the atmosphere (as CO2) is accumulated in the biosphere It is equal to the NPP minus heterotrophic respiration See Woodwell (1995)
Node Error Program A user-replaceable program used to allow user-dependent processing whenever a communication error is reported to CICS
acronym for non-English proficient
Students who come to school with no or minimal English proficiency
A small knot of tangled fibers, usually consisting of short , dead or immature fiber
a small knot of entangled fibres commonly regarded as a fault but sometimes introduced as an effect