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{s} çok dilli da çok dilli cümle benzerlerini bulun. - Find multilingual sentence equivalents at

Tatoeba'nın çok dilli olmasının nedeni budur. Fakat o tür çok dilli değil. Dillerin sadece birlikte eşleştirildiği ve bazı çiftlerin geride bırakıldığı tür değil. - This is why Tatoeba is multilingual. But not that kind of multilingual. Not the kind where languages are simply being paired up together, and where some pairs are left behind.

bir çok dili kapsayan
bir çok dil konuşabilen
çok dil bilen/çok dilli
birkaç dil kullanan
{s} çok dil bilen
(Bilgisayar) birden çok dil
multilingual code page
çok dilli kod sayfası
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
able to communicate fluently in multiple languages
Pertaining to multiple languages
is a new feature of GEMIS 4 0 which allows to switch both the user interface of the computer program as well as its database between a country language and the fixed system language (English)
using or knowing more than one language; "a multilingual translator"; "a multilingual nation
using or knowing more than one language; "a multilingual translator"; "a multilingual nation"
When a player is able to score well from a variety of lines/angles
{s} in several languages, that includes several languages; having the ability to use several languages; fluent in several languages
A multilingual person is able to speak more than two languages very well. He recruited two multilingual engineers. using, speaking, or written in several different languages bilingual, monolingual monolingual
The ability to use more than one language when speaking or writing (see Bilingual) This term often refers to the presence of more than two populations of significant size within a single political unit, each group speaking a different language as their primary language
Multilingual means involving several different languages. a multilingual country. multilingual dictionaries
More than one language, usually referring to more than two (cf bilingual)
condition of being able to speak several languages
{i} ability to communicate in a number of languages



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    /ˌməltīˈləɴɢwəl/ /ˌmʌltaɪˈlɪŋwəl/

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    [ -'li[ng]-gw&l, -'li[ng]-gy ] (adjective.) 1838. multi- + -lingual

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