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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Askeri) ara planlama konferansı; askeri ödeme belgesi; askeri personel merkezi (mid-planning conference; military payment certificate; military personnel center)
maximum permissible concentration
izin verilebilir azami yoğunluk
maximum permissible concentration
(Askeri) Bak. "radioactivity concentration guide"
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
{i} standard for hardware and software for multimedia in personal computers (Computers)
multiprotocol over ATM client
A GIS mode which optimizes timing information, but throws away spatial information
Market Performance Committee - Focuses primarily on evaluating and seeking to strengthen the performance of NYSE specialist organizations, administering trading procedures, and recommending to the QOMC ways to improve NYSE markets' quality and competitiveness Members include specialists, nonspecialist floor members, allied members, and institutional traders
Edge devices and host terminals running MPOA software
Megaparsec (one million parsecs)
maximum permissible concentration
Military Payment Certificates, “scrip” issued in lieu of US dollars
Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England Meets monthly to discuss and alter interest rates etc
Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs
Multimedia Personal Computer A specification stating the minimum hardware requirements a computer must meet to display the MPC logo They include 2Mb of RAM, a 16MHz 386SX processor, and 8-bit sound capabilities This specification was published in 1990, and has since been bettered by the MPC 2 spec
Multimedia PC
Multimedia Personal Computer - the minimum requirements for a multimedia computer system, as listed by the Multimedia Personal Computer Marketing Council
Military Payment Certificate(s), an acronym
message processing center
Merit Protection Commissioner