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Botanikçi dikkatle ağaçların morfolojik özellikleri kaydetti. - The botanist carefully recorded the morphological characteristics of the trees.

(Dilbilim) Biçimbirimsel
(Tıp, İlaç) Biçimsel
(Tıp) Bakınız: Morphologic
(sıfat) morfolojik
morfolojik özellikler
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Adj relating to morphology which is the science of the structure and shape of a creature and its organs
pertaining to geological structure; "geomorphological features of the Black Hills"; "morphological features of granite"; "structural effects of folding and faulting of the earth's surface"
Of, pertaining to, or according to, the principles of morphology
Morphological means relating to structure or anatomy
relating to or concerned with the formation of admissible words in a language
Pertaining to the science of structure and form of organisms without regard of function (CMD 1997)
relating to or concerned with the morphology of plants and animals; "morphological differences"
{s} of morphology, pertaining to the study of form and structure
Of, or relating to morphology
morphological rule
a linguistic rule for the formation of words

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    /ˌmôrfəˈläʤəkəl/ /ˌmɔːrfəˈlɑːʤɪkəl/

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    [ mor-'fä-l&-jE ] (noun.) 1830. German Morphologie, from morph- + -logie -logy.

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