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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Dilbilim) biçimbirim
(Dilbilim) biçim
(Bilgisayar) şeklini değiştirmek
bir bilgisayara animasyonu ile şekil değiştirmek
değişmek, dönüşmek
en küçük parça, kelimenin koku
kesintisiz dönüşüm
empty morph
(Dilbilim) boş biçimbirimcik
zero morph
(Dilbilim) boş biçimbirim
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Local variety of a species, distinguishable from other populations of the species by morphology or behaviour
An allomorph: one of a set of realizations that a morpheme can have in different contexts
To change shape, of one form to another, through computer animation
a morph is a physical form representing some morpheme in language. It is a recurrent distinctive sound or sequence sounds
To undergo dramatic change in a seamless and barely noticeable fashion
cause to change shape in a computer animation; "The computer programmer morphed the image
{i} smallest part or basis (which still has meaning) of a word that cannot be divided further (also: morpheme)
Meaning 'to change forms', in computer graphics 'morphing' is an animation transforming a picture from one image to another, as in this example
Video clip in which one image metamorphoses into another  
cause to change shape in a computer animation; "The computer programmer morphed the image"
A metamorphoses of an object into another object Aladdin 4D does not support true morphing, but does allow you to re-shape or "deform" one object into different shapes While this won't let you change a car into a boat, it has many useful applications
The generic term for were-creatures of all types See Morphs for the types of morphs See Other Information to learn more about the various "species" of morphs
A distinct, readily observeable type of a given species For example, within the species Colias occidentalis, there are both yellow and orange morphs
Any of the genetic forms (individual variants) that account for polymorphism
to change the form or character of
change shape as via computer animation; "In the video, Michael Jackson morphed into a panther"
If one thing morphs into another thing, especially something very different, the first thing changes into the second. Mild-mannered Stanley morphs into a confident, grinning hero. An allomorph. One of various distinct forms of an organism or species. To be transformed: "Yesterday's filmstrip has morphed into today's school computer" (Clifford Stoll). to develop a new appearance or change into something else, or to make something do this morph into (metamorphosis)
the actual realisation of a morpheme in speech It is also the basic building block of variable words
A natural color variant
A function which allows a player to shift their character's description, appearance, name, and even gender at will Players may have as many morphs as they like, allowing them to portray themselves as many different characters or people
Variant of morpho-
shape, form, structure
Simple past tense and past participle of morph
The smooth transformation of one image into another using digital tweening
Present participle of morph
past of morph
Changing from one shape to another
The transition or transformation of one image to another, popular in motion pictures, television shows, and music videos with performers trying to distract from subpar songs
changing one's character or personal identity on-line
Morphing is a technique which involves using a computer to make an image on film or television appear to change shape or change into something else. a computer method that is used to make one image gradually change into a different one
Moving smoothly from one image to another by having the computer animate a sequence transposing points in the starting image to corresponding points in the final image
{i} computerized creation of an animation in which one image gradually turns into another (Computer Graphics)
Special effect used in multimedia and games in which one image gradually turns into another For example, a tiger might gradually turn into a bucket over a few seconds
An imaging process where one image is gradually transformed into a second image, where both images previously exist The result is a sequence of in-between images which when played sequentially, as in a film loop show, give the appearance of the starting image being transformed to the second image Morphing is made up of a collection of image processing algorithms The two major groups are: warps and blends Not to be confused with morphology
Image manipulation software that merges one image into another You choose two images draw maps around them and the software takes the mapped reference points and cleverly locates similar points on the other picture before blending the two This technique is regularly used by the media as fun way off showing us what the offspring of two famous people could look like
The mathematical manipulation of pfGeoSet data (positions, normals, colors, texture coordinates) to cause a shape-shifting behavior This is very useful for animated characters, continuous terrain level of detail, smooth object level of detail, and a number of advanced applications In OpenGL Performer, morphing is provided by the pfMorph node
Changing one image into another by moving corresponding elements rather than by crossfading
Special effect in which one image seems to melt into another
A computer-animation process in which an image appears to transform smoothly from its original form into a new image
A special effect used in motion pictures and video to produce a smooth transformation from one object or shape to another
replacing the grapheme in an encoder with a different grapheme N
A special visual effect, used in both film and video, which produces a smooth transformation from one object to another
Used to create exciting visuals and special effects in movies A film image is scanned into the computer then changed by a graphics artist This image is sometimes combined with images created on the computer and then integrated into a film clip to make effects that look real (WP, Gr 6)
A continuous deformation from one keyframe or 3D model to another In 3D this is often achieved by approximating a surface with a triangular mesh that can then be continuously deformed In 2D, it is generally performed by either distortion or deformation
(abbreviation for "metamorphosing") The changing of one shape to another, usually performed during an animation
A special effect that merges the attributes of two different images into a single, continuous one
third-person singular of morph
plural of , morph
portmanteau morph
A word or part of a word that is analyzable as consisting of more than one morpheme without a clear boundary between them, as French du "of the" from de "of" and le "the

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    /ˈmôrf/ /ˈmɔːrf/

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    [ 'morf ] (noun.) 1947. Back-formation from morpheme.

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