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الإنجليزية - التركية
kötü yönetmek
mismanagementkötü idare
kötü yönet
{f} kötü yönetmek, kötü idare etmek
{f} idare edememek
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To manage an area of responsibility in a way which is inept, incompetent, or dishonest

She mismanaged my finances and left me bankrupt.

To behave, in a management capacity, in a manner which is inept, incompetent, or dishonest

The fundamental reason why the company failed is that the CEO and other top managers simply mismanaged.

to manage badly, improperly, or unskillfully
{v} to manage badly, to do wrong
To mismanage something means to manage it badly. 75% of voters think the President has mismanaged the economy. = mishandle. if someone mismanages something they are in charge of, they deal with or manage it badly
manage badly or incompetently; "The funds were mismanaged"
{f} manage improperly, manage poorly
manage badly or incompetently; "The funds were mismanaged
To manage ill or improperly; as, to mismanage public affairs
present participle of mismanage
{s} improperly managed, poorly managed
third-person singular of mismanage
third-person singular of mismanage