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الإنجليزية - التركية
bakana ait
{s} papazlık
{s} orta elçilik
papaz veya vaizin görevine ait
{s} bakanlık

Bakanlık binasındaki dev posterde cehalet köleliktir! diyor. - Ignorance is slavery! says the gigantic poster on the ministerial building.

elçiye ait/bakana ait
bakanlık veya orta elçilik görevine ait
yöneticiliğe ait
(Kanun) karar
(Hukuk) bakanlar düzeyinde
ministerial bill
hükümet tasarısı
ministerial student
bakanlık öğrenci
bakana ait olarak
prime ministerial government
(Politika, Siyaset) başbakanlık hükümeti
wto ministerial declaration on trade of the information technology products
(Avrupa Birliği) DTÖ Bilgi Teknolojisi Ürünleri Ticaretine İlişkin Bakanlar Deklarasyonu
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Related to a governmental minister or ministry
Serving as an instrument or means (i.e., procedural or ancillary, not substantive)

Filling out the form under the direction of a lawyer is a ministerial task performed by a legal secretary.

Related to a religious minister or ministry
Having the power to wield delegated executive authority
{a} relating to a minister of church of state
Tending to advance or promote; contributive
Of or pertaining to ministry or service; serving; attendant
of or relating to a minister of religion or the minister's office; "ministerial duties"
simply put, a lower-ranking German knight In the High Middle Ages in Germany, ministerials were a class of men who served the nobility, either as mounted warriors or in administrative capacities, or both Although some ministerials were quite wealthy and powerful, and all were more or less "upper class" compared to most of the population, they were unfree, and thus ranked distinctly and importantly below the nobility and the royalty in the social hierarchy See also social hierarchy
of or relating to a government minister or ministry; "ministerial decree" of or relating to a minister of religion or the minister's office; "ministerial duties
Council A meeting of Ministers from the various States, Territories and the Commonwealth with responsibility for a particular policy area Sometimes New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are represented
Of or pertaining to the office of a minister or to the ministry as a body, whether civil or sacerdotal
You use ministerial to refer to people, events, or jobs that are connected with government ministers. The prime minister's initial ministerial appointments haven't pleased all his supporters. connected with or relating to government ministers
of or relating to a government minister or ministry; "ministerial decree"
"Ministerial" describes a governmental decision involving little or no subjective judgment or discretion as to the wisdom or manner of carrying out the project A ministerial decision involves only the use of fixed standards or objective measurements
of or relating to a minister of religion or the minister's office; "ministerial duties
{s} of or pertaining to a minister in the government or his office; of or pertaining to a religious minister or the services he renders, clerical, religious; helpful, instrumental
Serving as an instrument or means
Ministerial Committee on Prisoner Release
government committee which supervises the release of prisoners from jail
ministerial committee
executive committee
ministerial level
rank of minister, rank of government secretaries
ministerial responsibility
government official's responsibility for all matters connected to his position
Inter-ministerial Committee on Privatization
{i} committee involving several ministries for privatization of government assets
belonging to a time which is between two ministries; involving two or more ministers or government departments
in the manner of a clergyman; "he was called on to visit ministerially on the dying man
in a ministerial manner; officially; instrumentally
In a ministerial manner; in the character or capacity of a minister