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الإنجليزية - التركية
uyuz hastalığı
hayvanlarda uyuz hastalığı
(Tıp) n.Uyuz hastalığı
(isim) uyuz
{i} (hayvanlarda) uyuz hastalığı
(Tıp) uyuz (hastalığı)
mange tout
tout uyuz
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A skin disease of mammals caused by parasitic mites
{n} a distemper, the scab or itch in cattle
{i} skin disease which affects animals and humans and is caused by parasitic mites (characterized loss of hair and scabby lesions)
The scab or itch in cattle, dogs, and other beasts
a persistent and contagious disease of the skin causing inflammation and itching and loss of hair; affects domestic animals (and sometimes people)
Any of several chronic skin diseases of mammals caused by parasitic mites and characterized by skin lesions, itching, and loss of hair. a skin disease of animals that makes them lose their fur (mangene , from mangier )
demodectic mange
Mange in dogs caused by a sensitivity to and overpopulation of Demodex canis, the demodectic mange mite
follicular mange
demodectic mange
red mange
demodectic mange
sarcoptic mange
Mange in dogs caused by Sarcoptes scabiei canis, the sarcoptic mange mite

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    /ˈmānʤ/ /ˈmeɪnʤ/

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    [ 'mAnj ] (noun.) 1540. Middle English manjewe, manjeue, from Old French manjue, derived from mangier (“to eat”) (modern French manger (“to eat”)), from Latin manducare

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