joseph warren

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born June 11, 1741, Roxbury, Mass. died June 17, 1775, Bunker Hill, Mass. American Revolutionary leader. He was a physician in Boston. He was active in patriot causes after passage of the Stamp Act (1765) and helped draft the Massachusetts colonial grievances called the Suffolk Resolves (1774). As a member of the Massachusetts Committee of Public Safety, he sent Paul Revere on his ride to Lexington. He was made a major general in the Revolutionary army and died in the Battle of Bunker Hill
Joseph Warren Stilwell
born March 19, 1883, Palatka, Fla., U.S. died Oct. 12, 1946, San Francisco, Calif. U.S. army officer. He graduated from West Point and served in World War I. He studied Chinese and served in Tianjin (1926-29) and as a military attaché in Beijing (1935-39). At the outbreak of World War II, he became chief of staff to Gen. Chiang Kai-shek and commanded Chinese armies in Burma (1939-42). He became commander of U.S. forces in China, Burma, and India and oversaw construction of the Ledo, or Stilwell, Road, a strategic military link with the Burma Road. Promoted to general (1944), he commanded the U.S. 10th Army in the Pacific (1945-46)
joseph warren


    Jo·seph War·ren

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    cōsıf wôrın


    /ˈʤōsəf ˈwôrən/ /ˈʤoʊsəf ˈwɔːrən/

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