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الإنجليزية - التركية
kuluçka makinası
kuluçka makinesi
erken doğan bebekleri yaşatma aygıtı
değişmez sıcaklık kabı
suni olarak mikroorganizma geliştirme aygıtı
{i} bakteri üretmeye yarayan alet
(Tıp) İçi daima tabii vücut hararetini muhafaza eden ve vakitsiz doğmuş çocukları koymak için kullanılan kutu biçiminde bir cihaz
kuluçka makinesi/kuvöz
tıb içi her zaman doğal beden ısısını koruyan ve erken doğmuş bebekleri koymak için kullanılan kutu biçiminde bir aygıt
değişmez sıcaklık kabı,kuluçka makinası
(Tıp) deri gibi kuvöz
egg incubator
kuluçka makinesi
kuluçka makine/kuvöz
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
An apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a newborn baby
An apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for the hatching of eggs
A place to maintain the culturing of bacteria at a steady temperature
Any apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a reaction
a heated container that people put eggs in until they hatch
{i} apparatus which keeps eggs warm until they hatch; temperature-controlled apparatus in which sick or premature infants are kept; device in which bacteria are cultivated
A contrivance for the cultivation of microörganisms by maintaining a suitable temperature
An incubator is a piece of equipment used to keep eggs or bacteria at the correct temperature for them to develop
Building or complex housing start-up or young businesses, where an entity, often the government, subsidizes rent, utilities and other overhead costs
An apparatus for rearing prematurely born babies
apparatus consisting of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermostat; used for chicks or premature infants
The name of the plastic, house in which your baby is treated; allows a constant temperature to be maintained for the infant
A company that specializes in the development of Internet businesses
A company that help another company to get started by offering help, advice, equipment and contacts
That which incubates, especially, an apparatus by means of which eggs are hatched by artificial heat
a machine used to maintain proper conditions for setting avian eggs
Electronic machine used to control temperature and environment
A company that encourages entrepreneurship and provides resources to help entrepreneurs start new businesses
A company or a facility that fosters the development of startup companies, usually in exchange for stock or ownership interest in the startup company
Wikimedia Incubator
A facility designed to encourage entrepreneurship and minimize obstacles to new business formation and growth, particularly for high technology firms, by housing a number of fledgling enterprises that share an array of services These shared services may
An entity designed to nurture business concepts or new technologies to the point that they become attractive to venture capitalists An incubator typically provides both physical space and some or all of the services – legal, managerial, technical – needed for a business concept to be developed Incubators often are backed by venture firms, which use them to generate early-stage investment opportunities
An incubator is a piece of hospital equipment which helps weak or small babies to survive. It consists of a transparent container in which the oxygen and temperature levels can be controlled
Often funded by local government, an incubator is a program dedicated to fostering small businesses in a growing industry by providing them with guidance, services, and resources
  "Isolette" - an enclosed bed that provides a heated environment for a baby who needs help keeping warm
A way of organizing start-up or young businesses to promote their growth (Concept)
A company or facility designed to foster entrepreneurship and help startup companies, usually technology-related, to grow through the use of shared resources and intellectual capital
An incubator is a device which maintains controlled environmental conditions, especially used for providing warmth and dryness Some incubators are specifically designed for cultivating cell cultures and bacteria in Petri dishes Others are designed for hatching eggs or for protecting animal or human infants
A machine used to hatch eggs by emulating the mother bird The eggs are kept warm, turned each day and even allowed to cool very slightly to simulate the mother bird getting up to feed
business incubator
Business incubators are organizations that support the entrepreneurial process, helping to increase survival rates for innovative startup companies. Entrepreneurs with feasible projects are selected and admitted into the incubators, where they are offered a specialized menu of support resources and services
These are organizations that offer entrepreneurs a variety of resources, including mentoring, financing advice, technological training, business space, and research facilities
Centers that help new ventures by providing office space, basic business services, and a variety of management resources
(p 175) Centers that offer new businesses low-cost offices with basic business services
Incubators encourage entrepreneurship and minimize obstacles to new business formation and growth, particularly for high technology firms, by housing in one facility a number of fledging enterprises which share an array of services These shared services may include: meeting areas, secretarial services, accounting, research library, on-site professional and management counseling, and computer word processing facilities
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