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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
The quality of making rash or arbitrary decisions, especially in an impulsive or forceful manner

She had however another motive, beside her obedience, to accompany the old gentleman in the chase; for by her presence she hoped in some measure to restrain his impetuosity, and to prevent him from so frequently exposing his neck to the utmost hazard.

Vehemence; furiousness of temper
The condition or quality of being impetuous; fury; violence
Vehemence, or furiousnes of temper
the quality of being impetuous or an impetuous act; impetuousness
Impetuosity is the quality of being impetuous. With characteristic impetuosity, he announced he was leaving school
rash impulsiveness
{i} hastiness, recklessness, lack of caution, impulsiveness
{n} violence, fury