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الإنجليزية - التركية
tümsek yer
yuvarlak tepe
{i} tepecik
tümsek hummockytümsek
{i} tümsek
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A small hill; a hillock; a knoll
A ridge or hill of ice in an ice field
A rounded knoll or hillock; a rise of ground of no great extent, above a level surface
a small natural hill
a raised area within a bog or fen that is generally drier than nearby hollows and more acidic   Hummocks are often formed around the roots of trees or shrubs or by a fallen tree trunk
A mound composed of organic materials Often peat, Sphagnum or other moss Slight hummocks are 0 3-1 m high and spaced >7 m apart Moderate hummocks are 0 3-1 m tall and spaced 3-7 m apart Strong hummocks are 0 3-1 m tall spaced 1-3 m apart
{i} small raised area of land, small hillock, knoll
Timbered land
A small, rounded or cone-shaped, low hill or a surface of other small, irregular shapes A surface that is not equidimensional or ridgelike
A hillock of broken ice which has been forced upward by pressure
       A low mound or ridge of earth
A hummock is a small raised area of ground, like a very small hill. = hillock. a very small hill
A ridge or pile of ice on an ice field
plural of hummock




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    [ 'h&-m&k ] (noun.) 1555. Blend of hump and hillock