hissy fit

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A childish display of anger or frustration; an overly dramatic tantrum

Viewers were aghast. . . . As co-host Regis Philbin flinched, Gifford launched into a teary, it's-not-my-fault, TV hissy fit: You can say I'm ugly, you can say I'm not talented, but when you say I don't care about children, how dare you!.

A sudden period of uncontrolled and childish anger, a temper tantrum

Sue, of course, threw a hissy fit when she found out.

A sudden moment of unreasonable anger and annoyance, a temper tantrum

He’s not a major designer, so there’s no need to throw a hissy fit.

a sudden moment of unreasonable anger and annoyance = tantrum throw/have a hissy fit
hissy fits
plural form of hissy fit
A fit of bad temper; a tantrum
An overreaction; a tantrum; a spell of shouting, anger or hysteria

I told him I would be late and he had a hissyfit.

hissy fit