high life

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الإنجليزية - التركية
kibar sınıf
sosyete hayatı
lüks hayat

Leyla, Sami'yi lüks hayat için bilet olarak gördü. - Layla saw Sami as a ticket to the high life.

Lüks hayat sürüyordum. - I was living the high life.

high on life
(Argo) Uçmuş

Our sponsors act like high on life.

الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
You use the high life to refer to an exciting and luxurious way of living that involves a great deal of entertainment, going to parties, and eating good food. the Hollywood high life
A genre of music that originated in Ghana in the early 20th century
high on life
(deyim) A female human who is controlling, vindictive, unable to support herself, lives off of other people for as long as she can, begs, steals, lies, anything possible to get what she wants. A human who withholds sex from her husband for unknown reasons, but lots of fake excuses and illnesses. A human who concocts sickness to get others to give her sympathy. A real piece of work. A sorry excuse for a mother, but blames others for her misgivings. A criminal. A scumbag. A loser: "High on Life says, I can't work, I'm sick."
high on life
(deyim) An excuse that a few retarded people use to pass on using drugs: "No, I dont need to take a hit of that blunt, I'm high on life!!"
high on life
(deyim) Living life to its fullest
{i} luxurious lifestyle, opulent way of life; music style characterized by a quick beat and the use of brass instruments (developed in Ghana during the 1920s)
excessive spending
high life

    التركية النطق

    hay layf


    /ˈhī ˈlīf/ /ˈhaɪ ˈlaɪf/

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    [ 'hI ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English hEah; akin to Old High German hOh high, Lithuanian kaukaras hill.

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