her halukarda

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her hâlükârda
in any case

In any case, he's your big brother. - Her halükârda o senin ağabeyin.

In any case, we'll go. - Her halükarda, gideceğiz.

her halükarda
In any case, at all events, anyway, in any event, however, howsoever, by all manner of means
her halükârda
in any case, in any event
her halükârda
rain or shine

We'll be there rain or shine. - Her halükarda orada yapıyor olacağız.

her halükârda

There are exceptions, however. - Her halükârda istisnalar vardır.

her halükârda

Tom didn't feel well, but he went to work anyway. - Tom iyi hissediyordu, ama her halükarda çalışmaya gitti.

It's too late anyway. - Her halükarda çok geç.

her halükarda
either way

I don't mind either way. - Her halükarda umurumda değil.

Either way, you lose. - Her halükarda kaybedersin.

her halükârda
at all events

It's worth trying at all events. - Her halükarda denemeye değer.

her halükârda
her halükârda
in any event

I will leave tomorrow, in any event. - Her halükarda, yarın gideceğim.

her halükârda
by all manner of means
by all means; come what may; in every instance
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her halükarda
her halde
her halukarda