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The national character or culture of Greece
The culture and civilization of the Hellenistic period
The belief in and worship of the Greek gods
The admiration for and adoption of ancient Greek culture, ideas and civilization
The characteristics of ancient Greek culture, civilization, principles and ideals, including humanism, reason, the pursuit of knowledge and the arts, moderation and civic responsibility
{i} culture and ideals of the ancient Greeks
The principles and ideals associated with ancient Greece
The characteristics of Greek culture and civilization, including humanism, reason, the pursuit of knowledge and the arts, moderation and civic responsibility
A nebulous term referring to the various features of Greek life, thought, and culture, which spread across most of the eastern Mediterranean during and after the 4th century BCE; the adjective to describe this movement is Hellenistic
The influence and adoption of Greek thought, language, values, and culture that began with Alexander the Great's conquest of the eastern Mediterranean world and intensified under his Hellenistic successors and various Roman emperors
Influence of Greek culture, language, and philosophy, esp during the Second Century B C through the First Century A D
The type of character of the ancient Greeks, who aimed at culture, grace, and amenity, as the chief elements in human well-being and perfection
The graecized culture that spread throughout the Mediterranean world in the wake of the conquests of Alexander the Great (d 323 B C E ) and remained prominent during the period of Roman hegemony
the principles and ideals associated with classical Greek civilization
(adj hellenistic; Greek for "Greekish") The civilization that spread from Greece through much of the ancient world from 333 (Alexander the Great) to 63 (dominance of Rome) B C E ; as a result, many elements of Greek culture (names, language, philosophy, athletics, architecture, etc ) penetrated the ancient Middle East See Biblical Story, Chapter 17
(or Hellenization): the official and unofficial promotion of supposed Greek ideals in the organization of personal life and civic accomplishment
A phrase or form of speech in accordance with genius and construction or idioms of the Greek language; a Grecism
Alternative spelling of Hellenisation
US, alternative spelling of Hellenisation
{i} adoption of Greek customs and language; process of becoming Greek or Hellenistic in character (also Hellenisation)



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    /ˈheləˌnəzəm/ /ˈhɛləˌnɪzəm/

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    [ 'he-l&-"ni-z&m ] (noun.) 1609. Either via French Hellenisme or Latin or directly from Ancient Greek Ἑλληνισμός (hellenismos, “imitation of the Greeks”), from Ancient Greek Έλλην (Hellen, “a Greek”)

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