hard reset

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(Bilgisayar) 1. The forced, immediate shutdown and restart of a PDA or other device by means of hardware. This is typically done by pushing a sequence of buttons or a reset button, and usually only after it has become impossible to do a soft reset.2. A switch that generates an electrical signal to reset the central processing unit and all devices, equivalent to turning a computer off and back on again
A system reset made by pressing the computer's reset button, or by turning the power off and then on again Used only when the system has crashed so badly that a Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot doesn't work
A technique to completely erase all user installed or entered data from a Newton device Also referred to as a Brain Wipe See also Cold Boot, Deep Reset, Soft Reset, Power Reset, and System Reset Source: HFAQ
A hard reset is the same as rebooting a computer First turn the unit off, unplug the power cord, remove the access card, reinstall the access card, wait 1 minute and plug the power cord back in Turn it back on That's it! For help in located your access card go here
The physical removal and insertion of a card
hard reset


    hard re·set

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    härd riset


    /ˈhärd rēˈset/ /ˈhɑːrd riːˈsɛt/

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