hard currency

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الإنجليزية - التركية
konvertibl para
sağlam para
sağlam döviz/para
tedavüldeki para
para dolaşımı
(Hukuk) sert para
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
money that can be exchanged for gold
Currency whose value is expected to remain stable and is easily convertible to another currency
A hard currency is one which is unlikely to lose its value and so is considered to be a good one to have or to invest in. The government is running short of hard currency to pay for imports. money that is from a country that has a strong economy and is therefore unlikely to lose its value
A currency which is sound enough to be accepted internationally and which is usually fully convertible See also SOFT CURRENCY
An internationally accepted means of exchange Hard currencies are currently considered to be U S dollars, Japanese yen, and German Marks Since most international obligations must be paid in hard currency, it is very important to have enough exports, which bring in hard currency, to be able to meet foreign obligations
A currency whose value is expected to remain stable or increase in terms of other currencies
A currency which is freely convertible into other currencies
The term "hard currency" is a carry-over from the days when sound currency was freely convertible into "hard" metal, i e gold It is used today to describe a currency which is sufficiently sound so that it is generally accepted internationally at face value
A currency of any one of the large industrialized countries that is widely traded in international currency markets such as the U S dollar, Japanese yen, and European Union euro
Currencies, such as dollars, marks, francs, and yen, that are acceptable in private channels of international economics
The currency of a nation which may be exchanged for that of another nation without restriction Sometimes referred to as convertible currency Hard currency countries typically have sizeable exchange reserves and surpluses in their balance of payments See: Soft Currency
National currencies that are freely convertible and traded on international currency markets
A currency that is sound enough to be accepted at face value internationally
Currency that has sound value, is generally acceptable at face value internationally, and is convertible in the open market Also known as convertible currency
A freely convertible currency that is not expected to depreciate in value in the foreseeable future
money in the form of bills or coins
Any currency for which the exchange rate is stable due to low inflation, and one that is widely used in international commerce
A currency which is sound enough to be accepted internationally and which is usually fully convertible
hard currency


    hard cur·ren·cy

    التركية النطق

    härd kırınsi


    /ˈhärd ˈkərənsē/ /ˈhɑːrd ˈkɜrənsiː/

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    [ 'härd ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English heard; akin to Old High German hart hard, Greek kratos strength.

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