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spor salonu

O, spor salonuna yürümedi. - She did not walk to the gym.

Spor salonu, tören için kullanıldı. - The gym is used for the ceremony.


Mary ritmik jimnastik yapıyor. - Mary practices rhytmical gymnastics.

Zayıflamaya çalışarak jimnastik salonunda saatler harcadı. - She has spent hours at the gym trying to lose weight.

jimnastik salonu

Zayıflamaya çalışarak jimnastik salonunda saatler harcadı. - She has spent hours at the gym trying to lose weight.

beden eğitimi

Dün, Tom bir motosiklet kazasında yaralandı, bu yüzden beden eğitimi dersine şimdilik katılamıyor. - Yesterday, Tom was injured in a motorbike accident, so he can't attend gym class for the time being.

Tom bir beden eğitimi öğretmeni. - Tom is a gym teacher.

{i} (okullarda) beden eğitimi

Biz spor salonunda basketbol oynadık. - We played basketball in the gym.

Para spor salonunun yapımı için ayrılmıştır. - The money was appropriated for building the gymnasium.


Tom egzersiz yapmak için yerel spor salonuna gidiyor - Tom goes to the local gym to work out.

Tom evinin yakınındaki bir spor salonunda egzersiz yapıyor. - Tom works out in a gym near his house.

beden eğitimi (okullarda)
gym shoe
spor ayakkabısı
gym nastics
jimnastik nastics
gym shoes
spor ayakkabısı
gym suit
spor bir takım
boxing gym
Boks salonu
jungle gym
tırmanma oyuncağı
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
: A sporting facility specialized for lifting weights and exercise
physical education class
short form of gymnasium
The abbreviation for the Gymnasium on campus
A sporting facility specialized for lifting weights and exercise
Where a Pokémon battle often takes place
n an indoor climbing facility consisting of manmade walls
{i} large hall for sports activities, gymnasium; physical education
a physical education class
athletic facility equipped for sports or physical training
In the land of pokémon, there is something Called the Pokémon League It is am association of the best Pokémon trainers that there are To get into the Pokémon League, you must defeat all Gyms and their leaders to get badges
A gym is a club, building, or large room, usually containing special equipment, where people go to do physical exercise and get fit. While the lads are golfing, I work out in the gym. the school gym
(n ) an indoor climbing facility consisting of manmade walls
Gym is the activity of doing physical exercises in a gym, especially at school. gym classes
gym bunnies
plural form of gym bunny
gym bunny
A person who spends a large amount of time working out at a gym and who may be obsessed with improving his or her physique. Often said of a gay man, but also said of women and heterosexual men

Thus the lithe and slightly feminised John Travolta of Saturday Night Fever is transformed into the pumping, grinding-body-obsessed gym bunny of Staying Alive.

gym candy
Steroids or other drugs taken to improve physical performance
gym clothes
Clothing worn by students during physical education class at school
gym clothes
Clothing, specifically athletic wear, worn to a gym, fitness center or health club for the purpose of physical activity
gym knickers
Large girls' underpants traditionally worn as shorts during school sports activities

I remember being forced to do cross-country runs in horrible navy gym knickers, which is a nightmare when you're not exactly built like Paula Radcliffe .

gym muscles
Large, aesthetic, well-developed muscles, especially ones that are believed to be overly large or impractical

and he realized that, unlike a lot of big guys with gym muscles, the guard could take a punch.

gym rat
A person who spends an unusually large amount of time at a gym

For the average gym rat, Anthony recommends being wary of longer-than-necessary rest periods.

gym rats
plural form of gym rat
gym shoes
canvas shoes with pliable rubber soles, used especially by children
gym shorts
A type of shorts designed for use in gym class, worn more generally by various jocks
gym bars
set of bars attached to a wall used for training exercises
gym class
physical education lesson (in school or at a health club)
gym rat
someone who spends all leisure time playing sports or working out in a gymnasium or health spa
gym shoe
a light shoe with a cloth top and a flat rubber bottom that children wear for games and sport at school British Equivalent: plimsoll
gym shoe
a canvas shoe with a pliable rubber sole
gym shoes
sports shoes, shoes worn when one participates in a sports activity
gym suit
clothes prescribed for wear while participating in gymnastic exercise
jungle gym
A play structure designed for children to climb on, traditionally constructed as a frame of metal bars as introduced in 1920
jungle gym
A structure of poles and bars for children to climb and play on. a large frame made of metal bars for children to climb on British Equivalent: climbing frame
jungle gym
a structure of vertical and horizontal rods where children can climb and play
jungle gym
structure on which children are able to climb and play

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