listen to the pronunciation of gusher
الإنجليزية - التركية
{i} abartılı davranan kimse
heyecan gösteren ve yapmacık hareket eden kimse
{i} fışkıran petrol kuyusu
fışkıran kuyu/coşan kimse
{i} sevgi gösterisinde bulunan tip
tulumbasız fışkıran petrol kuyusu
oil well
yeryağı kuyusu
oil well
petrol kuyusu

Bu petrol kuyusu günde 100 varilden daha fazla üretiyor. - This oil well produces more than 100 barrels per day.

Bu petrol kuyusu beni zengin edecek. - This oil well is going to make me rich.

الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
One that gushes
An oil well that has a natural flow and so no pumping is needed
One who gushes
an oil well with a strong natural flow so that pumping is not necessary
{i} oil well
a place in the ground where oil or water comes out very forcefully, so that a pump is not needed
plural of gusher