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A (normally) complete range

The entire gamut of the view's changes should have been known to her; its winter aspect, spring, summer and autumn; how storms came up from the sea; how the moors shuddered and brightened as the clouds went over; she should have noted the red spot where the villas were building; and the criss-cross of lines where the allotments were cut.

All the colours available to a device such as a monitor or printer
All the notes in the musical scale
the whole range or sequence
{n} the scale of musical notes, the first note
Colour spectrum that represents RGB, CMYK & other palettes GIF - (Group Image Format) File Format Recommended for internet images NOT images for print
Every color combination that is possible to produce with a given set of colorants on a given device or system
(n) The range of colors possible at a single pixel on the computer monitor The gamut is not the full range of colors perceivable by the eye but is typically quite large The hardware and software of the computer system determine what that gamut will be
The range of colors that a color-capable device can produce
The total range of colours reproduced by a device A colour is said to be "out of gamut" when its position in one device's colour space cannot be directly translated into another device's colour space A typical CMYK gamut is generally smaller than a typical RGB gamut
Range of colors available
The range of hues that can be reproduced from a given technology, process, and set colorants in all combinations
The range of color a device can produce, or the range of color a color model can represent
Another word for "palette", such as an artists' palette of paint
Normally refers to the full range of colors available in a color space The gamut varies with resource: photographic film, printing inks, color displays, etc A 24 bit color system has a gamut of 16 million different colors Moving between systems with different color gamuts will require quantization
To run the gamut of something means to include, express, or experience all the different things of that kind, or a wide variety of them. The show runs the gamut of 20th century design. the complete range of possibilities gamut of (gamma ut, names given to the highest and lowest notes on the musical scale)
The entire range of perceived color that may be obtained under specified conditions
The range of different colors that can be interpreted by a color model or generated by a specific device
The scale
{i} total range of notes (Music); entire extent of anything
a complete extent or range: "a face that expressed a gamut of emotions" the entire scale of musical notes
The available range of colors for a particular input, display or output device
Range of colours that can be displayed or printed
The total area or volume of colour space that can be obtained with the available colorants
The common expression for the entire range of colors that can be shown on a computer display
The range of colors that can be reproduced in a specific color space or on a specific device
a complete extent or range: "a face that expressed a gamut of emotions"
The limited range of colors provided by a specific input device, output device or pigment set
The musical scale
The gamut of something is the complete range of things of that kind, or a wide variety of things of that kind. As the story unfolded throughout the past week, I experienced the gamut of emotions: shock, anger, sadness, disgust, confusion. = range
The numbers of colors that can be reproduced within a printing system
Gamut is the range of colors that a device can reproduce The naked eye, cameras, computer monitors, and printing presses each have a different color gamut The eyes have the widest gamut range Therefore it is possible to see color in a photograph that cannot be reproduced when that photograph is digitized and displayed on a computer monitor
n 1 A complete range or extent 2 Music The entire series of recognized notes
The range of colors that can be captured or represented by a camera or graphics device
The range of colours that will appear on a monitor or can be printed
the entire scale of musical notes
greatest possible range
run the gamut
To encompass the full range or variety possible

His tastes in music run the gamut from classical to heavy metal.

color gamut
The particular range of colors that a device is able to produce. A device such as a scanner, monitor, or printer can produce a unique range of colors, which is determined by the characteristics of the device itself. See also rendering intent