formative assessment

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Formative assessment is a self-reflective process that intends to promote student attainment . Cowie and Bell define it as the bidirectional process between teacher and student to enhance, recognise and respond to the learning. Black and Wiliam consider an assessment ‘formative’ when the feedback from learning activities is actually used to adapt the teaching to meet the learner's needs. Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick have re-interpreting research on formative assessment and feedback and shown how these processes can help students take control of their own learning (self-regulated learning)
formative assessment


    for·ma·tive as·sess·ment

    التركية النطق

    fôrmıtîv ısesmınt


    /ˈfôrmətəv əˈsesmənt/ /ˈfɔːrmətɪv əˈsɛsmənt/

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