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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Askeri) para cezasına mahkumiyet
(Ticaret) düşmesi
(Ticaret) hakkını kaybetme
ceza olarak kaybetme
{i} kaybedilen şey
(Askeri) PARA CEZASINA MAHKUMİYET: Bir şahsın, ihmal, hata veya bir haksız fiil yüzünden, ceza olarak askeri mahkeme kararı ile bir şeyi özellikle maaşının bir kısmını kaybetmesi hali. FORFEITURE OF ALL PAY AND ALLOWANCES DUE OR TO BE DUE: HAK EDİLMİŞ VEYA EDİLECEK BÜTÜN MAAŞ VE İSTİHKAKLARIN KAYBI
{i} hakkın kaybedilmesi
forfeiture of shares
hisse senetlerinin iptali
forfeiture of right
(Kanun) hakkın iskat olması
forfeiture of right
(Kanun) hakkın düşmesi
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Any loss occasioned by one's own actions
A legal action whereby a person loses all interest in the forfeit property
The loss of forfeit property
The property lost as a forfeit
{n} a thing forfeited, seizure, fine
A cancellation A legal action whereby a contract purchaser following default loses all his interest in the property
That which is forfeited; a penalty; a fine or mulct
Loss of rights; in a contact for deed, the loss of all interest in the property for nonpayment
The loss of property Also the procedure by which the seller on a real estate contract takes back the property due to non-payment
a penalty for a fault or mistake that involves losing or giving up something; "the contract specified forfeits if the work was not completed on time"
The loss of money, property, rights, or privileges due to a breach of legal obligation
Forfeiture is the action of forfeiting something. the forfeiture of illegally obtained profits Both face maximum forfeitures of about $1.2 million. when someone has their property or money officially taken away because they have broken a law or rule
The relinquishing of property rights by a delinquent borrower
{i} loss; something given up as forfeit; fine
Loss of property for some specified reason such as nonperformance condition or legal obligation
something that is lost or surrendered as a penalty
The loss of a water right based on its nonuse for a statutorily provided period of time (Rice (1991))
The loss of money or property resulting from failure to meet a legal obligation
the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc
The act of forfeiting; the loss of some right, privilege, estate, honor, office, or effects, by an offense, crime, breach of condition, or other act
The action of relinquishing something that has become forfeit
The taking of an individual's property by a government, because the individual has committed a crime In the United States, private property cannot be taken, except by eminent domain upon payment of just compensation, or for nonpayment of taxes
The loss of property rights by a delinquent mortgage borrower
Loss or surrender of money, property, or a right or privilege for some specified reason
When a delinquent borrower surrenders their property rights
The loss of money, or anything else of value, due to a breach of legal obligation or contract
Where, in some criminal matters, property is taken by the government •Sentencing Options
When a person must give up money or property because they didn't meet a legal obligation (See also bail forfeiture )
Federal tax law requires that funds set aside in your Health Care and Dependent Care Spending Accounts must be used to pay for eligible expenses you incur during the same calendar year
Loss of money or anything of value due to failure to perform
Plan assets surrendered by participants upon termination of employment before being fully vested in the plan Forfeitures may be distributed to the other participants in the plan or used to offset employer contribution
The loss of rights to an asset outlined in a legal contract if a party fails to fulfill obligations of the contract
The loss of money or anything else of value because of failure to perform under contract e g , the Payor failed to keep making payments called for under the mortgage, therefore, they forfeited all their rights to the property
The failure to fulfill obligations outlined in a legal contract which results in the loss of rights to an asset outlined in the contract
The loss or surrender of money, property, rights, or privileges due to a breach of legal obligation
The loss of a right, claim, interest or item of property as a result of one's failure to meet one's legal obligations
The loss of money or anything of value, due to failure to perform such as under an agreement to purchase
Loss of money or anything of value due to failure to perform, such as a deposit given to insure performance
forfeiture fund
A sum of money created by the Justice Department from seizures of the proceeds of criminal activity
forfeiture funds
plural form of forfeiture fund
The benefits that plan participants lose because of death, severance of employment, or any other reason before the participants are fully vested in retirement benefits under the plan Under a defined benefit plan, the forfeited amounts must be used as soon as possible to reduce future employer contributions under the plan Under a defined contribution plan, the forfeitures may be either used to reduce future required employer contributions or allocated among the remaining participants to increase their benefits
plural of forfeiture
Amounts representing the non-vested portion of a terminated Employee's account that is credited to the Employer and applied toward future Employer Contributions
Employees who terminate from an employer’s pension plan are forced to forfeit nonvested employer contributions These forfeitures may be applied as credits to remaining employee accounts or used to offset future employer contributions, depending on the pension plan