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{i} fanila

Tom bir pazen gömlek giydi. - Tom wore a flannel shirt.


Ben flanel pijama giyerim. - I wear flannel pajamas.

O kampa gittiği her zaman aynı kırmızı flanel gömleği giyer. - Tom wears the same red flannel shirt every time he goes camping.

{f} zevzeklik etmek
{f} fanila ile ovmak
{f} fanila giydirmek
{i} zevzeklik
{i} İng. saçma, palavra
{i} flanelden yapılmış giysi
{i} İng. elbezi; sabun bezi, sabunluk
sabun bezi
flannel board
küçük resimler asılıp hikaye anlatılarak öğrencilerin eğitimi için kullanılan karatahta
flannel skirt
pazen etek
flannel mouthed
ağzı kalabalık
canton flannel
(Tekstil) asarlık pazen
face flannel
yüz havlusu
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A soft cloth material woven from wool, possibly combined with cotton or synthetic fibers

With the weather turning colder, it was time to dig out our flannel sheets and nightclothes.

A washcloth
Soothing plausible untruth and half truth, claptrap - ''"Don't talk flannel"
made of [[#Noun|flannel]]
{n} a kind of soft woollen cloth
A cotton cloth, originating in Wales, that is napped on one or both sides to imitate wool flannel Simple twill weaves are used to make the cloth, which is featured by a soft-spun filling to give a good nap The dull finish tends to conceal the weave
A tightly woven twill cloth heavily brushed for softness or plain weave finished by light napping Often used in clothing and sheets The word is derived from the Welsh language, meaning wool
A flannel is a small cloth that you use for washing yourself. flannelled flannelling to say things that have no real meaning in order to avoid answering a question directly or to hide your lack of knowledge
A soft, warm lightweight fabric made of cotton and thickly napped (short, fuzzy ends of fibers on the surface of cloth) on one side
A medium-weight, plain or twill weave fabric that is typically made from cotton, a cotton blend, or wool The fabric has a very soft hand, brushed on both sides to lift the fiber ends out of the base fabric and create a soft, fuzzy surface End-uses include shirts and pajamas
Light to heavyweight plain or twill weave fabric with a napped surface Can be made of cotton or wool The brushing process creates insulating air cells that provide more warmth than plain cotton
A soft twilled wool or worsted fabric with a napped surface, stout cotton fabric
(usually in the plural) trousers
A warm, soft fabric made in tightly woven twill or plain weave and finished with a light napping
a soft light woolen fabric; used for clothing
Fibre: Wool, worsted, cotton, rayon
Brushed woven cotton, very soft, lightweight
Usually a twill weave, flannel fabric is slightly napped on both sides It can be woolen (carded), worsted, cotton or rayon Worsted flannel is lighter, not as soft as woolen flannel, and has a more visible and resistant weave Flannel tends to peel in areas subject to friction; consequently flannel trousers tend to wear out more that jackets
{i} soft wool or cotton fabric; washcloth (British)
a soft light woolen fabric; used for clothing (usually in the plural) trousers
A warm, soft napped fabric of rayon or cotton blends or cotton warp which resembles wool
A soft, nappy, woolen cloth, of loose texture
Flannel is a soft cloth, usually made of cotton or wool, that is used for making clothes. He wore a faded red flannel shirt
‑ A soft, absorbent napped fabric produced by revolving wire brushes which raise to the surface of the fabric the short fiber ends of spun yarn
bath linen consisting of a piece of cloth used to wash the face and body
flannel cake
a thin batter cake fried on both sides
flannel cakes
plural form of flannel cake
Attributive form of flannel cake, noun
flannel bush
Any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Fremontodendron of California and northern Mexico, having downy, lobed leaves and showy yellow flowers
flannel flower
An umbelliferous Australian flower (Actinotus helianthi), often erroneously thought to be composite
flannel flower
The common mullein
flannel flower
The involucre looks as if cut out of white flannel
flannel flower
A Brazilian apocynaceous vine (Macrosiphonia longiflora) having woolly leaves
wearing clothes made of flannel; especially wearing cricket whites
Resembling or characteristic of flannel material
clothing made of flannel; especially trousers
plural form of flannel
canton flannel
See Cotton flannel
cotton flannel
a stout cotton fabric with nap on only one side
face flannel
A face flannel is a small cloth made of towelling which you use for washing yourself
Covered or wrapped in flannel
{s} of or pertaining to speech that includes many words which is used to evade telling the truth or answering a question (often intended to deceive)
{s} made of flannel; resembling flannel; unclear, muffled (about speech)
{i} clothes made from flannel (especially pants); undergarments made from flannel
plural of flannel
outing flannel
A soft, lightweight cotton fabric, usually with a short nap on both sides
water flannel
A floating mass formed in pools by the entangled filaments of a European fresh-water alga (Cladophora crispata)



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    /ˈflanəl/ /ˈflænəl/

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    [ 'fla-n&l ] (noun.) 1503. Middle English flaunneol, from Anglo-Norman flanelle (cf. Jersiais flianné), diminutive of Old French flaine, floene 'coarse wool', from Gaulish vlanā ‘wool’ (cf. Welsh gwlân, Breton gloan). More at wool.


    flannels, flanneling, flannelled

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