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الإنجليزية - التركية
balık kuyruğu biçiminde
(Havacılık) kuyruk sallama
fishtail bit
çatal uç
fishtail wind
(Askeri) DEĞİŞİK RÜZGAR: Sürekli olarak ileri geri yön değiştiren rüzgar
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To move with the tail swinging from side to side in this way

The car fishtailed down the muddy lane.

To swing the back of a vehicle (originally an aircraft) from side to side

As we approached the runway, the pilot fishtailed slightly to reduce landing speed.

The tail of a fish, or an object resembling this
Like the of a fish; acting, or producing something, like the tail of a fish
slow down by moving the tail sideways; "The airplane fishtailed on the runway"
{i} back and forth motion, movement similar to that made by a fish's tail (made by a car or the tail of a plane)
if a vehicle or aircraft fishtails, the back end of it slides from side to side, usually because the tyres are sliding on water or ice
slow down by moving the tail sideways; "The airplane fishtailed on the runway
fishtail bit
a drilling bit with cutting edges usually hardened against wear
fishtail palm
attractive East Indian palm having distinctive bipinnate foliage
fishtail palm
Any of several tropical Asiatic palms of the genus Caryota, particularly C. mitis, having bipinnate leaves with toothed, oblique leaflet apices
fishtail wind
{i} wind that changes direction constantly
past of fishtail
present participle of fishtail
{i} left and right motion by the rear of a vehicle (such as during a skid), spin-out by the rear of a vehicle
plural of , fishtail
third-person singular of fishtail