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الإنجليزية - التركية
balık tarlası
balık yatağı
{i} balıkçılık bilgisi
{i} balık tutulan yer
balık avlama bölge
fishery biology
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık biyolojisi
fishery exclusion zone
(Denizbilim) fez
fishery industry
fishery policy
balıkçılık politikası
fishery products
balık ürünleri
fishery commission
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık komisyonu
fishery development
(Denizbilim) balıkçılığı geliştirme
fishery economics
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık ekonomisi
fishery management plan
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık idaresi planı
fishery model
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık modeli
fishery mortality rate
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık ölüm oranı
fishery potential
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık potansiyeli
fishery product
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık ürünü
fishery protection
(Denizbilim) balıkçılığı koruma
fishery resource
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık kaynağı
fishery statistics
(Denizbilim) balıkçılık istatistikleri
fishery technology
balıkçılık teknolojisi
fishery vessel
(Denizbilim) balıkçı teknesi
country fishery
(Denizbilim) ülke balıkçılığı
fee fishery
(Denizbilim) ücretli balıkçılık
su ürünleri
marine fishery
deniz ürünleri
responsible fishery
(Denizbilim) sorumlu balıkçılık
subsistence fishery
(Denizbilim) geçinme balıkçılığı
freshwater fishery
tatlı su balıkçılığı
agriculture and fishery
tarım ve balıkçılık
developed fishery
(Denizbilim) gelişmiş balıkçılık
distant water fishery
(Denizbilim) uzak mesafe balıkçılığı
inland fishery
(Denizbilim) içsu balıkçılığı
instalment fishery
(Denizbilim) taksit’e çıkmak
native fishery
(Denizbilim) yerli balıkçılık
offshore fishery
(Denizbilim) açık deniz balıkçılığı
offshore fishery
(Denizbilim) açıkta balıkçılık
pearl fishery
inci avlanan yer
rational fishery
(Denizbilim) akılcı balıkçılık
regulated fishery
(Denizbilim) düzenlenmiş balıkçılık
seal fishery
fok tarlası
seal fishery
fok avcılığı
seal fishery
senescent fishery
(Denizbilim) yaşlanan balıkçılık
undeveloped fishery
(Denizbilim) gelişmemiş balıkçılık
whale fishery
balina avcılığı
whale fishery
balina avlanan yer
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
a fishing company
a place where fish etc are caught or processed
the catching, processing and marketing of fish, shellfish etc
{n} the place or business of catching fish
The region occupied by an aquatic species that is used for commercial harvesting
Fisheries are areas of the sea where fish are caught in large quantities for commercial purposes. the fisheries off Newfoundland
The organized harvest of a certain species of fish or shellfish
the business of catching fish; a place for catching fish
A place for catching fish
Term to describe the collective enterprise of taking fish, usually used in conjunction with reference to the species, gear or area involved
All the activities involved in catching a species of fish or group of species
The right to take fish at a certain place, or in particular waters
A stream capable of supporting angling activities Usually streams which show evidence of spawning and nursery grounds
{i} place for for breeding and growing fish; place for fishing; fishing license
A fishery is a place where fish are bred and reared
A body of water well populated with fish that are usually hatched there
The business or practice of catching fish; fishing
The total population of fish in a stream or body of water and the physical, chemical, and biological factors affecting that population
The process of attempting to catch fish, which will be retained or released
– The total population of fish in a stream or body of water, and the physical, chemical and biological factors affecting that population
(1) A system to produce fish and fish-related benefits (and to minimize losses and disproducts) from the structure, dynamics and relations of the aquatic biota, the aquatic and adjacent habitat (the watersheds), and the human users of the resource (2) The licensed premises upon which breeding, hatching, or fish-rearing facilities are situated
a workplace where fish are caught and processed and sold
A fishery
plural of fishery
places for catching fish or other sea animals
an established area where fish species are cultivated and caught
areas of the ocean with large populations of commercial fish and other aquatic species
Fish, fish habitat, people who fish and communities where fishermen live
pearl fishery
a fishery where they fish for pearl oysters
whale fishery
fishing whales; whaling



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