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In book collecting practice this refers to the earliest issue of the first printing of the first edition That is the only true first In the publishing industry, any issue of the book without significant content change
The first appearance of a work in book form (sometimes denoted as first US or first UK)
To book collectors, first edition always refers to the first edition and first printing See also: edition
the first edition comprises all the copies of a book printed from the original setting of type: where there were several printings or impressions (see impression) of the first edition, the phrase, unless suitably qualified, implies the first of these
The first published appearance of a book There are many disagreements about the use of the term "first edition" in the antiquarian trade For a good explanation of the various accepted definitions see John Carter's "ABC for Book Collectors" Oak Knoll, 1992
The original printing from the original, unchanged plates and materials
one of the first copies of a book, which is often valuable
first printing of a literary work, one copy of a first edition
name of one of the major systems suppliers for EDI
The first printing of the first edition (as far as collectors are concerned)
Generally used by book dealers and collectors to mean the first appearance of a work in book or pamphlet form, in its first printing
first edition


    first e·di·tion

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    fırst ıdîşın


    /ˈfərst əˈdəsʜən/ /ˈfɜrst əˈdɪʃən/

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