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الإنجليزية - التركية
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Land held in feudal tenure
Forty Foot Equivalent Units (Containers)
(Forty-foot Equivalent Unit) - See "TEU "
a Scottish property on offer feudal a Scottish term for a property and land offered for sale for life without restrictions first adjustment when you can expect the first interest rate adjustment in your loan - usually for a fixed or capped rate mortgage first mortgage not the first mortgage a person takes out, but rather a mortgage that is the first 'charge' (or debt) against a property fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) a mortgage in which the interest rate does not change during part or all of the term of the loan
An abbreviation for forty-foot equivalent units which refers to the container carrying capacity of a vessel
Forty-foot Equivalent Unit The standard measurement unit of containerized cargo
Forty-foot Equivalent Unit (40'' or 2 TEUs)
{i} right to use property or land for an annual payment (in Scotland); feudalistic land
A free and gratuitous right to lands made to one for service to be performed by him; a tenure where the vassal, in place of military services, makes a return in grain or in money
A Forty-Foot Equivalent Unite, or 40-foot dry cargo container
Commonly describes a 40-foot container
feu de joie
A bonfire
feu de joie
A celebratory salute made by firing guns into the air sequentially along a line

while Platte was rolling over and over on the turf, like a shot rabbit, the watch and guard flew from his waistcoat—as an Infantry Major's sword hops out of the scabbard when they are firing a feu-de-joie.

Alternative form of feu de joie
feu de joie
A fire kindled in a public place in token of joy; a bonfire; a firing of guns in token of joy
feu de joie
(French) "fire of joy"; fire lit in a public place as a mark of joy; bonfire; firing of guns to symbolize joy
Croix de Feu
(French: "Cross of Fire") French political movement (1927-36). Originally an organization of World War I veterans, it espoused ultranationalistic views with vaguely fascist overtones. Under François de la Rocque (1885-1946), it organized popular demonstrations in reaction to the Stavisky Affair, hoping to overthrow the government. It subsequently lost prestige and was dissolved by the Popular Front government in 1936
{i} French stew of beef simmered with vegetables
traditional French stew of vegetables and beef


    علم أصول الكلمات

    [ "pät-O-'f&(r), po-tO- ] (noun.) 1791. French, literally, pot on the fire.

    كلمة اليوم