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الإنجليزية - التركية
{s} kurnaz
{s} kedi gibi
(isim) kedi cinsinden hayvan
kedigillerden olan
{s} kedilere ait
{i} kedi cinsinden hayvan
kedigillerin üye
kedi cinsinden
{s} kedi
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A cat; member of the cat family Felidae
Of, or pertaining to, the cat
catlike (resembling a cat)
{a} pertaining to cats, and their kind
Characteristic of cats; sly; stealthy; treacherous; as, a feline nature; feline manners
any of various lithe-bodied round-headed fissiped mammals many with retractile claws
{s} catlike; of the cat family; sly, treacherous
A feline is an animal that belongs to the cat family. The 14lb feline is so fat she can hardly walk. = cat
Feline means belonging or relating to the cat family
{i} animal from the cat family
any of various lithe-bodied round-headed fissiped mammals many with retractile claws of or relating to cats; "feline fur
You can use feline to describe someone's appearance or movements if they are elegant or graceful in a way that makes you think of a cat. She moves with feline grace. = catlike. a cat or a member of the cat family, such as a tiger
Catlike; of or pertaining to the genus Felis, or family Felidæ; as, the feline race; feline voracity
of or relating to cats; "feline fur"
feline leukemia virus
A retrovirus that primarily affects cats, is transmitted through saliva, and causes suppression of the immune system and anemia, leading to opportunistic infections and diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma
Any feline characteristic

She walked with grace and felinity.

plural of feline
{i} feline manner, catlike quality
The state of being feline



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    /ˈfēˌlīn/ /ˈfiːˌlaɪn/

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    [ 'fE-"lIn ] (adjective.) 1681. From Latin fēlīnus, from fēlēs 'wildcat, marten', from Proto-Indo-European *bʰel- ‘wildcat’ (compare Welsh bele 'marten', Sanskrit bharuja 'jackal', Moldivian balu 'dog').

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