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الإنجليزية - التركية

Ormandan gelen sesler kaşifleri korkuttu. - The voices coming from the jungle frightened the explorers.

İlk kaşifler navigasyon için yıldızları kullandılar. - Early explorers used the stars for navigation.

{i} kâşif

İlk kaşifler navigasyon için yıldızları kullandılar. - Early explorers used the stars for navigation.

James Cook bir İngiliz kaşifti. - James Cook was a British explorer.

(Tıp) Dişte çürük, yenme v.b. durumları tesbite yarayan sivri uçlu dişçi aleti
{i} (keşifte bulunmak amacıyla) (bir bölgeyi) dolaşan kimse
{i} araştırmacı

Araştırmacılar yolculuklarına devam ettiler. - The explorers continued their journey.

Araştırmacılar ciddi bir gıda eksikliğinden muzdarip olmaya başladı. - The explorers began to suffer from a severe lack of food.

(Tıp) Araştırma ve muayenede kullanılan herhangi bir alet
(Bilgisayar) windows gezgini
explorer band
(Bilgisayar) explorer bandı
explorer band
(Bilgisayar) gezgin bantı

Kâşifler nihayet hedefine ulaştı. - The explorers finally reached their goal.

Ormandan gelen sesler kaşifleri korkuttu. - The voices coming from the jungle frightened the explorers.

Bilge kâşif, bilgin kâşif

A scholar-explorer was the first European who penetrated forbidden Muslim cities in Africa unharmed.

microsoft internet explorer
microsoft ınternet explorer
microsoft network explorer
(Bilgisayar) microsoft network gezgini
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Any of various hand tools, with sharp points, used in dentistry
A visual representation of a file system etc. through which the user can navigate

For example, Vista includes a document explorer that shows just the documents in a location without considering all of the other files that might appear there.

A person who by means of travel (notably an expedition) searches out new information
One who explores something
Microsoft's Web browser application, which is also known as Internet Explorer or IE
for Internet Explorer, the browser made by Microsoft
It basically creates the environment where all Windows applications run You must leave this on at all times
This can be one of two things: Internet Explorer, which is Microsoft's web browser Explorer (also known as "Explore") This is another Microsoft product, but it is associated with the Microsoft operating system installed on your PC It is what allows you to view/search the folders and files on your PC and network drives
Is an abbreviation for the Internet Explorer Browser distributed by Microsoft
A person who travels into unknown regions in order to learn about them
A program that comes with Windows 95 and 98 that helps you view and manage your files (Replaces the "File Manager" in older Windows programs, such as 3 1)
1 Windows Explorer: application in Windows 95/98/NT that provides an overall view of disk drives, directory folders and files File or folders can be moved from one location to another in the Explorer 2 Internet Explorer: Microsoft web browser 3 iPhoto Plus 4 Explorer: Similar to the Windows Explorer, except the iPhoto Plus 4 Explorer only shows media files such as graphics or sounds 4 Name of Windows 95/98 GUI shell
A person who by means of travel searches out new information
The interface for Windows 95 This includes the items in the Taskbar, as well as the window with the tree view
{i} researcher, investigator; one who travels to unknown regions; program for file management in the Windows operating system (Computers)
(see Windows Explorer)
An explorer is someone who travels to places about which very little is known, in order to discover what is there. someone who travels through an unknown area to find out about it. Any of the largest (55-member) series of unmanned U.S. spacecraft, launched between 1958 and 1975. Explorer 1, the first satellite sent into orbit by the U.S., discovered the innermost Van Allen radiation belt. Other notable craft in this series include Explorer 38 (1968), which measured galactic radio sources and studied low radio frequencies in space, and Explorer 53 (SAS 3; 1975), which investigated X-ray and gamma-ray sources within and beyond the Milky Way Galaxy
Restart/Start "Explorer" From "Tools" in the Top Menu ("file", "edit" ) select "Internet Options" From "Temporary Internet Files" in the options window, select "Delete Files", then click "OK" From "History" select "Clear History", then click "YES" Close "Internet Options" window and Restart "Explorer"
Internet Windows
someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose)
One who explores; also, an apparatus with which one explores, as a diving bell
(Internet Explorer) Microsoft's web browser
This is the shortened name for Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser Many new computers come with the Internet Explorer software already installed to give you easy access to the internet It is often referred to as IE
A program that's supplied with Windows 95 that lets you manage all the files stored on a disk With Explorer you can copy files, move files from one folder to another, create new folders, and rename or delete files and folders Explorer can also view folders on other PCs in a network To start Explorer, click on the Start button, then choose Programs/Explorer Windows 3 1x users have a similar utility called File Manager that's in the Accessories group
explorer bar
A pane that opens on the left side of windows, such as when you click the Search button or Favorites button
explorer bar
Collection of buttons and controls to help you maneuver around the Web The current Web page is displayed on the right side of the browser window and the Explorer Bar is on the left side
explorer bar
The left side of the browser where the Search, History, and Favorites lists appear when the user clicks the corresponding buttons on the toolbar The user can also create a custom Explorer bar, as well as a custom toolbar button to open it
explorer's gentian
tufted sometimes sprawling perennial with blue flowers spotted with green; western North America
urban explorer
A person who explores restricted urban areas such as abandonments, tunnels, roofs, construction sites, etc. Certain non-urban sites can also count, such as mines, quarries, and grain/missile silos
Internet Explorer
Internet browser manufactured by Microsoft
Windows Explorer
{i} (Computers) application which is part of Microsoft Windows operating system that provides a graphical user interface to access the file systems
plural of explorer
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explorer çubuğu
(Bilgisayar) explorer bar
explorer bandı
(Bilgisayar) explorer band
internet explorer sürümü
(Bilgisayar) ie version
microsoft ınternet explorer
microsoft internet explorer