ethel merman

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orig. Ethel Agnes Zimmerman born Jan. 16, 1909, Astoria, N.Y., U.S. died Feb. 15, 1984, New York, N.Y. U.S. singer and actress. Merman, who had never taken voice lessons, worked as a secretary before her first professional singing engagement in 1929. She made her stage debut in George and Ira Gershwin's Girl Crazy (1930) (see George Gershwin; Ira Gershwin). Her brassy, ebullient style and powerful voice made her a favoured performer for Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and others. In the mid-1930s Merman made her first Hollywood appearance, and she later starred on her own radio show. Her many Broadway successes include Anything Goes (1934), Red, Hot and Blue (1936), Annie Get Your Gun (1946), Call Me Madam (1950), and Gypsy (1959)
United States singer who appeared in several musical comedies (1909-1984)
ethel merman


    Eth·el mer·man

    التركية النطق

    ethıl mırmän


    /ˈeᴛʜəl ˈmərˌman/ /ˈɛθəl ˈmɜrˌmæn/

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