elliptical poetry

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eliptik şiir
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(Edebiyat) Elliptical Poetry or ellipticism is a literary-critical term coined by critic Stephen Burt introduced in a 1998 essay in the Boston Review on Susan Wheeler, and expanded upon in an eponymous essay in American Letters & Commentary. Since the publication of that essay, and a number of accompanying responses in the same journal, "Elliptical Poetry", "ellipticism" and "elliptical Poets" have entered the critical discussion of contemporary American poetry as a significant point of reference; Wheeler notes in an introduction to Burt at the Poetry Society "hearing, on several spooky occasions, in conferences with graduate students, "but I want to be an elliptical poet""
elliptical poetry


    el·lip·ti·cal po·e·try

    التركية النطق

    îlîptîkıl pōıtri


    /əˈləptəkəl ˈpōətrē/ /ɪˈlɪptɪkəl ˈpoʊətriː/

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