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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Madencilik) demir cürufu
ramatgalvaniz havuzlarının temizlenmesinden elde edilen üst ve alt artıklar. Pirinç drosu, bakır drosu, çinko drosu vb
maden cürufu
maden posası
maden cüruf
değersiz şeyler
(Metal İşleme) ramat

cüruf, eritilmiş metallerin üst yüzey artıkları.

الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
The impurities in metal
Residue that forms on the surface of a metal from oxidation
Waste or impure matter
A waste product from working with metal
Worthless or trivial matter
{n} the scum of metals, rust, refuse, dregs
Any oxide or other contamination formed on the surface of molten solder
the impurities of silver separated from the one in the process of melting (Prov 25: 4; 26: 23; Ps 119: 119) It is also used to denote the base metal itself, probably before it is smelted, in Isa 1: 22, 25
Metal oxides in or on the surface of molten metal See Cover Gas
Metal oxides in or on the surface of molten metal
Refuse or impurities such as whale blubber
The small drops of re-solidified molten metal that cling to the bottom of the cut edge Dross is easily removed in an acid-pickling bath
worthless material that should be removed; "there were impurities in the water"
Rust of metals
Metal oxides and other scum on the surface of molten metal (mostly a non-ferrous term)
The waste metal created by the action of a plasma cutter Dross may solidify on the underside edges of your work piece and will have to be removed by chipping, grinding or in an acid bath
disapproval If you describe something as dross, you mean that it is of very poor quality or has no value. I go through phases where everything I write is just dross. = rubbish
- molten waste product of combustion
Waste matter; any worthless matter separated from the better part; leavings; dregs; refuse
The scum that forms on the surface of molten metals
{i} waste, rubbish
The scum or refuse matter which is thrown off, or falls from, metals in smelting the ore, or in the process of melting; recrement
the scum formed by oxidation at the surface of molten metals
{a} full of dross, foul, worthless, mean
{a} recrementitious
{a} recremental
{s} containing dross, containing waste matter; lacking in value, worthless
Of, pertaining to, resembling, dross; full of dross; impure; worthless

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    /ˈdrôs/ /ˈdrɔːs/

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    [ 'dräs, 'dros ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English dros, from Old English drOs dregs.

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