doomsday event

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A localized event causing widespread death or destruction within a specific geographical area

An earthquake of as much as 7.3 magnitude . . . is the maximum predicted earthquake in Utah, said Johnson. We could call that a doomsday event..

An occurrence which causes the end of the universe or which destroys the planet earth; a global cataclysm

Sceptics claim switching on the supercooled magnets could create a doomsday event that would destroy the Earth.

A disastrous occurrence

You just don't know if they are planning a doomsday event or not. Dunford said police worked with school officials to secure the building.

doomsday event


    dooms·day e·vent

    التركية النطق

    dumzdey ivent


    /ˈdo͞omzˌdā ēˈvent/ /ˈduːmzˌdeɪ iːˈvɛnt/

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