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الإنجليزية - التركية
gözden düşme
köpek kulübesi

Bu kendi yaptığım bir köpek kulübesidir. - This is a doghouse of my own making.

Bu köpek kulübesini tek başıma yaptım. - I made this doghouse by myself.

köpek kulübe

Bu kendi yaptığım bir köpek kulübesidir. - This is a doghouse that I made myself.

Bu, kendi yaptığım köpek kulübesidir. - This is the doghouse that I made myself.

dili gözden düşmüş
in the doghouse
(isim) köpek kulübesi
in the doghouse
gözden düşmüş
in the doghouse
başı dertte
be in the doghouse
gözden düşmek
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Any small house or structure or enclosure used to house a dog

But, honey, whar yo' ole man gwine ter sleep? Dey's straw in de barn, en pine shatters in de doghouse! she shouted, slamming the window.

Mechanically, an equipment cover with an opening, with a shape resembling a doghouse
A difficult or demoralizing situation

During the slave trade, slaves were packed into every available niche aboard the slave ships, including the officers' cabins. The officers slept on deck in semi-cylindrical boxes, nicknamed dog houses. The term in the dog house grew to describe being in a difficult situation due to the extreme discomfort of sleeping in these boxes.

A structure of small size, similar to that of a dog-house, but offering useful shelter for a human

A rotary rig could have drilled that much in a day. Oscar had been here a month. He kept a careful log on the doghouse wall.

Mechanically, a cover with an opening, with a shape similar to a doghouse
an idiomatic term for being in disfavor; "in the doghouse"
If you are in the doghouse, people are annoyed or angry with you. Her husband was in the doghouse for leaving her to cope on her own
Slang for a protuberance or blister that houses an instrument or instruments on an otherwise smooth skin of a rocket
an idiomatic term for being in disfavor; "in the doghouse
Used on steam locomotive tenders, it is a small enclosure usually located atop the back of the tender, which provides shelter for the brakeman Also, a slang term for caboose
A boxlike extension or wing on a glass furnace through which a batch, the raw materials for making glass, or floaters, the introduction of another color, etc , are introduced into the furnace
A doghouse is a small building made especially for a dog to sleep in
outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog
{i} kennel, small outdoor shelter for a dog
in the doghouse
In a situation of being the object of someone's anger or disapproval

He forgets his anniversary, he's in the doghouse, but he pulls out of it with a romantic (i.e. expensive) dinner.

plural of doghouse