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A poem or oration in the same style

He left this lesson for all verse, all art.

A choral hymn sung in ancient Athens in honor of the god Dionysus
A hymn or poem to honor Bacchus
A kind of lyric poetry in honor of Bacchus, usually sung by a band of revelers to a flute accompaniment; hence, in general, a poem written in a wild irregular strain
{i} wildly enthusiastic speech; passionate hymn
choral hymn in honour of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine, and an influence on the English ode An example is John Dryden's "Alexander's Feast " Much of the work of Walt Whitman is loosely dithyrambic
A Greek religious rite in which a chorus of fifty men, dressed in goatskins, chanted and danced; the precursor, according to Aristotle, of Greek tragedy
Choral hymn to the Greek god Dionysus, often wild and violent in character Later, any violent song, speech, or writing Compare paean
In classic poetry, a type of melic verse associated with drunken revelry and performed to honor of Dionysus (Bacchus), the Greek god of wine and ecstacy In modern usage, the term has come to mean a poem of impassioned frenzy and irregular character Sidelight: John Dryden's "Alexander's Feast" bears a resemblance to the dithyrambic form
(ancient Greece) a passionate hymn (usually in honor of Dionysus)
Choric poem, chant, or hymn of ancient Greece. Dithyrambs were sung by revelers at the festival in honour of Dionysus. The form originated about the 7th century BC in extemporaneous songs of banqueters; it was a recognized literary genre by the end of the 6th century BC. Dithyrambs were composed by Arion and Pindar, among others. By 450 BC the form was in decline; most dithyrambs were bombastic and turgid
a wildly enthusiastic speech or piece of writing
(ancient Greece) a passionate hymn (usually in honor of Dionysus) a wildly enthusiastic speech or piece of writing
An ancient Athenian poetic form sung during the Dionysia (see above) The first tragedies may have originated from the dithyrambs See tragedy
Of, pertaining to, or resembling a dithyramb; especially, passionate, intoxicated with enthusiasm

Nevertheless, if one has time and, still more, the patience to search whole acres of dithyrambic prose, he shall have his reward.

A dithyramb

As we have no remains of the dithyrambics of the ancients, we cannot exactly ascertain the measure.

{n} a sort of mad or licentious verse
A dithyramb
{s} in the manner of a dithyramb; passionate
Pertaining to, or resembling, a dithyramb; wild and boisterous
A dithyrambic poem; a dithyramb
of or in the manner of a dithyramb



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    /ˈdəᴛʜərˌam/ /ˈdɪθɜrˌæm/

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    [ 'di-thi-"ram(b) ] (noun.) 1656. Greek dithyrambos.

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