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To mishit (a golf ball)
To inflict minor damage upon, especially by hitting or striking

If you surf regularly, then you're going to ding your board. — BBC surfing Wales.

To hit or strike
A high-pitched sound of a bell
To eliminate a speller from a spelling bee by ringing (dinging) a bell

Kelly was dinged for misspelling the word antediluvian.

To make high-pitched sound like a bell
To sound, as a bell; to ring; to clang
To fire or reject

His top school dinged him last week.

To deduct, as points, from another, in the manner of a penalty

My bank dinged me three bucks for using their competitor's ATM.

Very minor damage, a small dent or chip
A rejection

I just got my first ding letter.

Ancient Chinese vessel with legs and a lid; also called ting. Chinese: 鼎, pinyin: dǐng
{v} to dash, fling, cast, bluster, huff, bounce
To cause to sound or ring
Damage to surfboard
A thump or stroke, especially of a bell
go `ding dong', like a bell
(A) A blow To ding it in one's ears To repeat a subject over and over again; to teach by repetition To ding To strike (Anglo-Saxon dencg [an] to knock strike beat ) Hence "ding-dong" as "They were at it ding-dong " "The butcher's axe like great Achilles' bat Dings deadly downe ten-thousand-thousand flat " Taylor: Works (1630) Ding-dong They went at it ding-dong Fighting in good earnest To ding is to beat or bruise (Saxon dencgan) dong is a responsive word One gives a ding and the other a dong Din is the Anglo-Saxon dyn-ian to make a din; dinung a dinning noise
to damage a surfboard, especially by denting it
Minor dent or damage to the structure Also, a nick in a prop Dinged props must be replaced
damage on a surfboard, usually in the form of a dent
very minor damaged caused in a traffic accident
To back out of a task in a shameful manner
Similar to but slightly larger than a BB-ding typically about a 1/4 inch in size
Central Equilibrium
Concerning the condition of a marble; a sign of slight damage, a mark appearing on the surface of a glass marble cause by impact (Also see Moon, Sub-Surface Moon, Bruise Mark )
{f} ring, make a ringing noise
{i} ring, ringing noise; (U.S.) dent, nick, indent; (Australian Slang) celebration, party; (Australia an offensive slang) Italian or Greek person; person form Italian or Greek origin
To deduct, as points
To dash; to throw violently
A condition in metal where a minor dent is present Usually dings are caused by rocks, car door edges, or other small objects If the ding has a paint scratch within it, painting the ding is required If not, the dings can often be removed without painting See Paintless Dent Repair
To mishit a golf ball
(ding) A state of empty, yet conscious mind
Overpushing (mistake in push hands)
a small mark on the surface or edge of a coin
To strike; to thump; to pound
To talk with vehemence, importunity, or reiteration; to bluster
ancient Chinese vessel with legs and a lid. Also called ting. Chinese: 鼎, pinyin: dǐng
ding dong
A penis
ding dong
An idiot

My girlfriend's math teacher is a ding dong.

ding dong
The sound made by a bell or doorbell

Who pulled her out, little Tommy Stout. — Traditional English nursery rhyme.

ding dongs
plural form of ding dong
The sound of a small bell
An eccentric or crazy person
The penis
A set-to
A fight, an argument. Citations
A woman's breast
Alternative form of ding dong (sound made by a bell)
An idiot
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ding-dong ditch
To perform this prank
ding-dong ditch
A children's prank in which a doorbell of a house is rung, and then the pranksters run away before the occupants of the house open the door
ding-dong ditched
Simple past tense and past participle of ding-dong ditch
ding-dong ditches
plural form of ding-dong ditch
ding-dong ditches
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of ding-dong ditch
ding-dong ditching
Present participle of ding-dong ditch
A person who acts strangely, orig. as a result of long imprisonment; an eccentric; a fool
The sound of a bell
Foolish, stupid
Ding Ling
or Ting Ling orig. Jiang Wei born 1904, Changde, Hunan province, China died March 4, 1986, Beijing Chinese writer. She had written three collections, many of which contained stories centred on young, unconventional Chinese women, before publishing the proletarian-oriented Flood (1931), acclaimed as a model of Socialist Realism. She later expressed dissatisfaction with the government officials, for which she was censured and imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution; she was eventually reinstated in the party. Her later works include critical essays and fiction, some published in I Myself Am a Woman (1989)
ding dong
ringing noise of a bell; peal; (Slang) stupid person; fool; loud dispute, fight (Informal)
ding dong fight
loud fight or argument (British usage)
a stupid person (ding-a-ling (19-21 centuries))
{i} person that someone dislikes or insults
Ding-dong is used in writing to represent the sound made by a bell
the noise made by a bell
past of ding
present participle of ding
third-person singular of ding
plural of , ding
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ding dong

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    /ˈdəɴɢ/ /ˈdɪŋ/

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    [ 'di[ng] ] (verb.) 1582. From Middle English dingen, probably from Old Norse dengja (“to hammer”)


    dings, dinging, dinged

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