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A trainee flight controller
Related to how development occurs

Developmental psychology studies how the mind forms as children and adolescents grow.

{s} of or pertaining to development, of or pertaining to growth
050-099 level courses These are preparatory courses that are not applicable to a degree program Developmental courses above the 100 level may be applied to degree program requirements and therefore are not considered developmental for the purposes of this document
of or relating to or constituting development; "developmental psychology"
of or relating to or constituting development; "developmental psychology
Pertaining to, or characteristic of, the process of development; as, the developmental power of a germ
Developmental means relating to the development of someone or something. the emotional, educational, and developmental needs of the child. relating to the development of someone or something
Having to do with the steps or stages in growth and development before the age of 18
you either need to provide ACT scores or take Course Placement; or you need to successfully complete developmental courses
having to do with the steps or stages in the growth of a child
developmental biologies
plural form of developmental biology
developmental biology
The study of the physiological changes that occurs within individual organisms from their conception through reaching physical maturity
developmental disabilities
plural form of developmental disability
developmental disability
describes life-long disabilities attributable to mental and/or physical, or combination of mental and physical impairments, manifested prior to age twenty-two
developmental position
A job that is designed to train or develop employees in preparation for further career advancement. example: management trainee
developmental age
The actual age score a child receives within a specific developmental area as compared to the chronological age
developmental age
a broad term used to describe the maturity of thought process development A child may be older or younger in their thinking and processing information, than others, at a similar age
developmental age
a measure of a child's development (in body size or motor skill or psychological function) expressed in terms of age norms
developmental age
the child's developmental age is found by comparing the skills they have in a certain development area (eg language) with what is known about expected development (this may be different from their chronological age - see this page)
developmental anatomy
the branch of anatomy that studies structural changes of an individual from fertilization to maturity
developmental biology
study of the development of organisms
developmental disability
A mental or physical disability, such as cerebral palsy or mental retardation, arising before adulthood and usually lasting throughout life
developmental learning
learning that takes place as a normal part of cognitive development
developmental psychology
branch of psychology concerned with the stages of human development
developmental psychology
The branch of psychology concerned with the study of progressive behavioral changes in an individual from birth until death. Branch of psychology concerned with changes in cognitive, motivational, psychophysiological, and social functioning that occur throughout the human life span. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, developmental psychologists were concerned primarily with child psychology. In the 1950s they became interested in the relationship between child rearing and adult personality, as well as in examining adolescence in its own right. By the late 20th century they had become interested in all aspects of psychological development and change over the entire life span
developmental psychology
the branch of psychology that studies the social and mental development of children
evolutionary developmental biology
A branch of biology that studies the interaction of evolutionary and developmental processes
pervasive developmental disorder
A group of five disorders characterized by delays in the development of multiple basic functions including socialization and communication
pervasive developmental disorders
plural form of pervasive developmental disorder
In a developmental manner
with respect to development; "developmentally retarded
from a developmental standpoint
with respect to development; "developmentally retarded"
pervasive developmental disorder
Any of several disorders, such as autism and Asperger's syndrome, characterized by severe deficits in many areas of development, including social interaction and communication, or by the presence of repetitive, stereotyped behaviors. Such disorders are usually evident in the first years of life and are often associated with some degree of mental retardation



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