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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Crime Scene ınvestigation) Olay Yeri/Mahali İnceleme
olay yeri inceleme
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Crime scene investigation
Computer Security Institute
Computer Supported Instruction
Called Subscriber Identifier
Container Security Initiative Designed to help protect the United States and a large portion of the global trading system from terrorist who might use container transport to hide weapons of mass destruction and related materials without disrupting legitimate flow of cargo Requires bilateral agreements to be created with other governments to target and pre-screen high-risk containers in overseas seaports before they are shipped to the United States Customs inspectors (pre-screeners) will also be stationed in CSI ports, to work with their overseas counterparts
Acronym for Customer Service Index
Construction Specification Institute
Construction Specifications Institute
Computing Services Infrastructure
Consumer Safety Inspector
Coated side in
Abbreviation for the Construction Specification Institute
Customer Satisfaction Index
A high intensity discharge lamp, most often used in followspots, with a color temperature of approximately 4000K
CAMEL Subscription Information
(Compact Source Iodide) - Discharge lamps with a color temperature of 4000°K for outside broadcast and followspot use
The Construction Specifications Institute, a professional organization of construction specification writers
Called Subscriber Identification Optional signal used to provide the specific identity of the called subscriber by its international telephone number
Customer Self-Install; an option the end-user has to install their DSL service themselves (and not incur any technician installation charges) With the documentation provided, the customer will install their DSL modem and Network Interface Card (NIC) to the computer, which will enable the DSL connection
Coelliptic Sequence Initiation
Coated Side In; term used in reference to a ribbon's wind direction; ink is on the inside of the film
abbreviation for Church of Scientology International
CPU Support Identification Number Normally required if you contact Oracle Support
called subscriber identification
Called Subscriber Identification An identifier whose coding format contains the telephone number from a remote fax terminal