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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
An error that is to be corrected in a printed work after publication
A list of errors in a printed work as a separate page of corrections, known as an errata page
a thing to be corrected
A fault or error to be corrected
supplementary document to one, two or all three versions of a CEN/CENELEC publication, which corrects one or more errors or ambiguities inadvertently introduced in either drafting or printing and which could lead to incorrect or unsafe application of those versions Internal Regulations - Part 2, 2 12 Procedure - Corrigenda on European Standards and European Prestandards
(pl corrigenda) Note published by author, editor, or publisher expressly to cite and correct one or more errors in the work
An error in a printed work that is corrected after it has been printed by inclusion of a separate page of corrections, known as an errata page
a printer's error; to be corrected
{i} mistake needing correction (in a book), mistake in a printed work
{i} list of mistakes and corrections (in a book)
a list of printing errors in a book along with their corrections




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    [ "kor-&-'jen-d&m, "k&au ] (noun.) circa 1850. From Latin corrigendum, nominative neuter singular of corrigendus, the future passive participle (gerundive) of corrigō (“I correct”).

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