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Bilişimsel dil bilimi eğitimi yapmak için çeşitli dilleri bilmek gerekli, ancak, insan bilgisayarların kullanımı da bilmelidir. - In order to study computational linguistics it's necessary to know various languages, however, one also has to be familiar with the use of computers.

Bilişimsel dil bilim öğrenimi yapmaktadır. - He studies computational linguistics.

Hesaba dayalı, hesaplamaya dayalı
computational complexity
hesaplama karmaşıklığı
computational linguistics
bilişimsel dilbilim
computational stability
hesaplama kararlılığı
computational linguistics
bilisimsel dilbilim
computational time
İşlem süresi
hesaba ait
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
of or involving computation or computers; "computational linguistics
Computational means using computers. the limits of the computational methods available 50 years ago
{s} calculative
of or related to computation
of or involving computation or computers; "computational linguistics"
{s} calculatory
computational chemistry
The use of computation to predict the structure, properties and reactions of molecules
computational design
The design of products and processes through the use of digital means, integrating digital technology
computational design
The development of a computational theory of design
computational intelligence
A field of study that covers traditional artificial intelligence together with neural networks and fuzzy systems etc
computational linguistics
An interdisciplinary field dealing with the statistical and/or rule-based modeling of natural language from a computational perspective. This modeling is not limited to any particular field of linguistics
computational verb
A mathematical abstraction of verbs in natural languages
computational complexity
Inherent cost of solving a problem in large-scale scientific computation, measured by the number of operations required as well as the amount of memory used and the order in which it is used. The result of a complexity analysis is an estimate of how rapidly the solution time increases as the problem size increases, which can be used to analyze problems and assist in the design of algorithms for their solution
computational fluid dynamics
computational fluid dynamics
Science, which deals with the calculation of different flow parameters in a fluid continuum, with the help of a computer
computational fluid dynamics
Equations that are known are programmed into computers The computers provide solutions to the problem of external airflow over vehicle shapes The body of the configuration and the space surrounding it are represented by clusters of points, lines and surfaces; equations are solved at these points CFD is divided into three steps Grid generation, numerical simulation and post-process analysis Here are some examples of CFD data sets
computational fluid dynamics
a computer-based numerical study of turbulent fluid flow using approximate methods such as the finite element method, the fine difference method, the boundary element method, the finite volume methods, and so on
computational fluid dynamics
(n ) See CFD
computational fluid dynamics
the science of determining a numerical solution to the governing equations of fluid flow whilst advancing the solution through space or time to obtain a numerical description of the complete flow field of interest
computational fluid dynamics
Computational fluid dynamics is the term given to a variety of numerical mathematical techniques applied to solving the equations that govern fluid flows and aerodynamics
computational linguist
someone trained in computer science and linguistics who uses computers for natural language processing
computational linguistics
Use of digital computers in linguistics research. The simplest examples are the use of computers to scan text and produce such aids as word lists, frequency counts, and concordances. From the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s progress was made by research groups working on machine translation and information retrieval. Theoretical CL deals with formal theories about linguistic knowledge, which today have reached a degree of complexity that can only be managed using powerful computers. Applied CL focuses on practical results of modeling human language use
computational linguistics
the use of computers for linguistic research and applications



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